Martin Sheen chart

Martin Sheen
Ramon Gerard Antonio Estevez
Aug.3,1940, time unknown
Dayton, Ohio, USA
84W12 39N46

Noon Positions EWT
Sun in Leo 1108'
Moon in Leo 847'
Mercury in Cancer 2450'
Venus in Cancer 113'
Mars in Leo 1951'
Jupiter in Taurus 1403'
Saturn in Taurus 1418'
Uranus in Taurus 2548'
Neptune in Virgo 2341'
Pluto in Leo 244'
Eris in Aries 501'R

American actor starring in such films
as The Subject Was Roses(1964), Bad-
lands(1973), Apocalypse Now(1979),
Ghandi(1982), Wall Street(1987), The
American President(1995), and West
Wing(1999-). Is an active social and
environmental activist.

LR vote: Taurus rising
At least 7 planets in fixed signs make Martin Sheen extremely fixed, determined, and concerned with substance or tangible results. Sun in Leo is bold, generous, and commanding. Moon in Leo seeks recognition and the spotlight. Mercury in Cancer gives an impressionable and intuitive mentality, Venus in Cancer gives a love of home and family. Mars in Leo is brave, dramatic, and amorous. Jupiter in Taurus is concerned with the ethical implications of wealth and money. Saturn in Taurus has strong need for material or financial security. Uranus in Taurus comes up with new ways to make or handle money and wealth. These Taurus planets also give a sensual nature and an appreciation of art and music. Neptune in Virgo is a generation of workaholics and cleanophobics. Pluto in Leo gives Sheen and his generation exceptional creative and expressive power.

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