Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jan.15, 1929, 1:00 PM CST
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
84W23 33N45

Sun in Capricorn 2511'
Moon in Pisces 2008'
Mercury in Aquarius 1149'
Venus in Pisces 1036'
Mars in Gemini 2153'R
Jupiter in Taurus 111'
Saturn in Sagittarius 2522'
Uranus in Aries 357'
Neptune in Virgo 054'R
Pluto in Cancer 1708'R
Eris in Aries 038'

Ascendant in Gemini 158'
Midheaven in Aquarius 1254'
American Baptist minister and political activist
famous for leading the American civil rights
movement which promoted non-violence and
racial equality. Was assasinated by gun shot
on April 4th 1968 in Memphis Tennessee
while standing out from his motel balcony .
Martin Luther King was a brave and dedicated soul who championed freedom and truth and paid for it dearly. His vision and dedication led to greater freedoms and hopes for blacks and other races in America and the world. King's Sun is in sure-footed Capricorn giving him the rock-solid conviction of his ideas and hopes. This sign is no fool and will wisely weigh the costs of any action or venture undertaken and use planning and patience to achieve the desired result. They are tough and determined and can withstand many falls or letdowns. Rising Gemini with Mars made him the brave and loquacious speaker(and thinker) that he was, and Moon with Venus in Pisces gave him charm, humility, sensitivity, and much compassion for others -especially the suffering and needy. These positions also confer a romantic and artistic nature. Mercury in Aquarius on the Midheaven is what made King the galvanizing speaker of truth and freedom that he was. Mercury here is brilliant, ingenious, unique, and independant. There is an attitude of brotherhood and altruism and an anticipation or vision of the future of humanity and the planet. Jupiter in Taurus is the international artist, musician, producer, or banker. Money and material resources seem to come easily or effortlessly, especially from foreign sources. There is a danger with this position of falling into sensuality or materialism. Jupiter is also symbolic of the saviour, and Taurus is often linked to the Black race. Saturn in Sagittarius is often seen in the charts of spiritual leaders or organizers. They take their faith very seriously and will endure much pain or suffering(or even death) for their beliefs. There is also an interest or ability in travel, sports, and publication, as well as hunting, exploration, and adventure. Uranus in Aries is the self-made genius and innovator who charts his own path in life. They are quick, volatile, impatient, strong-willed, and feisty, and simply need to have their own way. Neptune in Virgo people are very observant and conscientious and can't help criticizing or analyzing everything. They are addicted to work, order, cleanliness, and perfection. The Pluto in Cancer generation knows what it's like to go through emotional hell or heaven and are the pillars of our home and family institutions

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