Martin Landau chart

Martin Landau
Born: Jun.20, 1931, 00:01 AM
Brooklyn, New York, USA
73W54 40N51

Sun in Gemini 2752'
Moon in Leo 2014'
Mercury in Gemini 1627'
Venus in Gemini 619'
Mars in Virgo 511'
Jupiter in Cancer 2406'
Saturn in Capricorn 2135'R
Uranus in Aries 1852''R
Neptune in Virgo 321'
Pluto in Cancer 1949'R
Eris in Aries 238'

Ascendant in Pisces 232'
MidHeaven in Sagittarius 1500'
American actor best known for his
roles as Rollin Hand in Mission:
Impossible(1966-69), and as Cmdr.
John Koeing in Space:1999 (1975-77).
Also starred in films such as Tucker:
The Man and his Dream(1988),
Crimes and Misdemeanors(1989),
and Ed Wood(1994)
Ascendant in Pisces gives Martin Landau his large expressive eyes, sensual lips, and that haunted, impressionable look. Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Gemini makes for a very intellectual or mercurial nature, with excellent communicative abilities. Sun in Gemini prides itself on its intellectual prowess. Mercury in Gemini is quick, clever, and versatile, although quite resless or impatient. Venus in Gemini enjoys intellectual activities such as reading, writing, and short-term travel. Mars in Virgo excels all types of work requiring physical exertion, routine, and attention to detail. Jupiter in Cancer is protective and nurturing and succeeds in catering, food provision, hotel work, real estate, housing, security, or any other Cancer-related field. Saturn in Capricorn is a serious and dignified position able to handle much responsibility and hardship and often makes the native lean, lonely, and very frugal or economic. Uranus in Aries needs to be free and unfettered and be able to lead or innovate. Many with this position have mechanical or inventive ability, an indomitable inner will, and an explosive temper. Neptune in Virgo individuals are naturally critical and analytical and need to work or be of service. They're also keen on order and cleanliness. Pluto in Cancer people have strong emotions and deep ties to home and family. They can become obssessed with food and security issues.
Martin Landau with Barbara Bain in SPACE:1999

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