Martika chart
Born: Marta Marrera
May. 18, 1969 time unknown
Whittier, California, USA
118W02 33N59

Noon Positions PDT
Sun in Taurus 2738'
Moon in Gemini 2447'
Mercury in Gemini 1159'R
Venus in Aries 1635'
Mars in Sagittarius 1356'R
Jupiter in Virgo 2608'R
Saturn in Taurus 220'
Uranus in Libra 002'R
Neptune in Scorpio 2720'R
Pluto in Virgo 2228'R
Eris in Aries 1220'

Cuban-American singer and actress
best known for songs like Toy Soldier
(1988) and Love...Thy Will Be Done
(1991). Also known for her role as Gloria
on the Disney show Kid's Inc(1984-93)

Lovely Martika is a rock-solid Taurus Sun with pretty and restless Moon in Gemini and ruler Venus in ardent and aggressive Aries. Saturn is also in Taurus toughening the ego and making Martika a survivor. Mercury in its own sign of Gemini gives Martika a bright and versatile mentality and a youthful and attractive appearance. Venus in Aries is fiery and passionate and goes after what it wants. They love or value courage, speed, and activity. Mars in Sagittarius is wild and bold and adventurous and lives for one's spiritual beliefs and ideals. They like to travel, play outdoor sports, ride horses, bikes, and cars, and spearhead moral or ethical causes. Jupiter in Virgo likes purity and cleanliness and is big on order, detail, precision, and perfection. Working, serving, and giving their best is a religion to them. Jupiter with Pluto can be exceptionally lucky and has a rare philosophy of life. Saturn in Taurus is practical and resourceful and will work hard for comfort, wealth, and security. Uranus in Libra is bright, attractive, sociable, and very insistent on free and open relationships. Neptune in Scorpio is a subtle, secretive, and intense generation interested in all things hidden or occult. Pluto in Virgo people go to extremes in work, health, diet, education, or environmental issues.

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