Marsha Mason chart

Marsha Mason
Apr.3, 1942, 11:12 AM CWT
St. Louis Missouri, USA
90W12 38N38

Sun in Aries 1316'
Moon in Scorpio 1221'
Mercury in Pisces 2708'
Venus in Aquarius 2723'
Mars in Gemini 1618'
Jupiter in Gemini 1621'
Saturn in Taurus 2549'R
Uranus in Taurus 2747'
Neptune in Virgo 2806'R
Pluto in Leo 330'R
Eris in Aries 500'

Ascendant in Cancer 401'
Midheaven in Pisces 1249'
American actress starring in such
films as Cinderella Liberty(1973), The
Cheap Detective(1978), Chapter Two
(1979), Only When I Laugh(1981), Love
Canal(1982), and Surviving(1985)
Bright, spunky, and emotional Marsha Mason is a Sun in Aries with Cancer rising. Sun in Aries makes her a strong and courageous spirit ready to face life's battles and challenges. Moon in Scorpio gives emotional drive and intensity and a shrewd intuitive sense of everything that's going on around her. Cancer rising gives a strong emotional approach to life and a maternal or motherly appearance which grows stronger with age. Mercury in Pisces colors the thoughts and perceptions with feelings and emotions making these people very sensitive and impressionable. They have a natural interest or ability in art, dance, film, photography, mystery, and psychic phenomena. Venus in Aquarius is friendly, unique, independant, intelligent, unusual, and very firm or stubborn. Friendship is an important part of the love process for them. Mars, Mason's solar ruler, is in cerebral Gemini, making this a witty, lively, attractive, intelligent, and versatile lady. This Mars impresses others with their bold and innovative thoughts and ideas and they make very capable and inspiring writers, speakers, or communicators in general. They also like variety, humour, and mental stimulation or challenge in their sex lives. Mars exactly conjunct Jupiter gives much energy, confidence, and faith in one's abilities. Jupiter in Gemini grows and expands mentally and intellectually makes an excellent speaker, teacher, or writer/publisher. They have a witty, youthful, and charming way about them and are good at telling stories with a moral behind them. Saturn in Taurus seeks financial or material comfort and security. They are practical, resourceful, and economical. Saturn conjunct Uranus knows how to combine the old with the new or make practical use of science and ingenuity. Uranus in Taurus finds new ways to invest or generate income or wealth. They may have unusual voices or singing talent. Neptune in Virgo needs to work or be useful in some way. They are naturally critical, analytical, and sensitive to order and cleanliness. Pluto in Leo people go to extremes in love, play, and creativity and can be intensely proud or dramatic.

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