Marlo Thomas chart

Marlo Thomas
Margaret Julia Thomas
Nov.21,1937 time unknown
Deerfield, Michigan
USA 83W47 41N53

Noon Position EST
Sun in Scorpio 2859'
Moon in Cancer 1611'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1203'
Venus in Scorpio 1108'
Mars in Aquarius 722'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2418'
Saturn in Pisces 2825'R
Uranus in Taurus 1058'R
Neptune in Virgo 2052'
Pluto in Leo 002'R
Eris in Aries 312'R

American actress best known for
her role as Ann Marie on That Girl
(1965-71). Is also a writer political
activist, and charity fund raiser
for children's diseases

Sun in Scorpio waters(emotions) run deep. These people are passionate and obsessive and like to deal with serious or important issues. Moon in Cancer is very sensitive, emotional, and nurturing, and makes Marlo Thomas a natural mom, cook, or housekeeper. Mercury in Sagittarius speaks openly and honestly and takes an interest in spiritual or religious topics. Venus in Scorpio is sexy and passionate and a shrewd buisness person. Mars in Aquarius is a rebel and fighter for truth and freedom, and the driving force behind her successful That Girl TV series. Jupiter in Capricorn is interested in buisness, politics, managing, organizing, and building, has excellent timing, but must guard against being stingy or manipulative. Saturn in Pisces has a fine sensitivity which can be used to either help others or take advantage of them . These people are musical and artistic and require periodic seclusion or isolation. Uranus in Taurus finds new ways to make money and can be quite stubborn or sensual. Neptune in Virgo is the workaholic or compulsive cleaner. These people have sensitive organizational or analytical abilities which are ideal for research or helping others. Pluto in Leo is the obsessive lover, dramatist, or artist. These people create exclusive concepts, plays, or works of art.

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