Marlon Brando chart
Marlon Brando
Apr. 3, 1924, 10:37 PM CST
Omaha, Nebraska 95W56 41N16

Sun in Aries 1409'
Moon in Aries 1253'
Mercury in Aries 2713'
Venus in Taurus 2850'
Mars in Capricorn 1742'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 1954'
Saturn in Scorpio 009'R
Uranus in Pisces 1901'
Neptune in Leo 1745'R
Pluto in Cancer 1016'
Eris in Aries 001'

Ascendant in Scorpio 2909'
MidHeaven in Virgo 1417'
actor who starred in such classics as
A Streetcar Named Desire(1951),
The Godfather(1972), and
The Last Tango in Paris(1973).
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Brando his cool dark and almost hypnotic demeanor. But anyone who knows him will tell you that he is anything but cool. Underneath lie his hot and scorching Aries placements. Sun and Moon and Mercury in Aries make Brando energetic, active, impulsive, impatient, hotheaded, and passionate. This man goes after what he wants and loves to be challenged and excited. He may hurt you with his straightforward remarks, but it is not his real nature to be mean or unforgiving. Venus in Taurus makes him quite physical and down to earth with excellent powers of evaluation. Mars in Capricorn gives him an earthy sex nature and the ability to plan out or organize his activities. Jupiter is dignified in Sagittarius, giving him everything he needs to explore life to its fullest, whether in the material or in the spiritual sense. Saturn in Scorpio gives him strong sexual and survival instincts and a prediliction towards danger. Uranus in Pisces is his sensitive or psychic side, and Neptune in Leo is his interest in movies and acting. Pluto gives Brando and his generation an inescapable duty or preoccupation with home and family life.
Brando's early performance as Stanley... A Streetcar Named Desire(1951)
Marlon Brando's crowning role
as Don Vito Corleone... The Godfather(1972)

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