Marlene Favela chart

Marlene Favela
Aug.5, 1976, time unknown
Santiago Papasquiaro,
Durango, Mexico
105W25 25N03

Noon Positions CDT
Sun in Leo 1323'
Moon in Sagittarius 1941'
Mercury in Virgo 319'
Venus in Leo 2645'
Mars in Virgo 1817'
Jupiter in Taurus 2803'
Saturn in Leo 729'
Uranus in Scorpio 319'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 1117'R
Pluto in Libra 932'R
Eris in Aries 1412'R

popular Latin American actress and
model best known for her role as
Rosaura Rios in the popular telenovela
Gata Salvaje(Wild Cat)(2002). Also
starred in Zorro: La Espada Y La Rosa
(2007), and Corazon Apasionada(2011)

LR vote: Air or Fire rising
Gorgeous Marlene Favela is a Sun in Leo native with the Moon in Sagittarius making her one hot and adventurous lady. This is a proud and determined spirit who will stand by her principles. She is also warm, generous, and fun-loving. Mercury in Virgo gives an analytical and critical mind suited for secretarial or technical work. They are generally quiet and shy, but very sharp and observant. Venus in Leo is playful and affectionate and enjoys luxury and status. Acting or role-playing is very natural to them. Mars in Virgo expends much energy working and helping or servicing others. They excel in exercise, dietary regimens, and all kinds of physical labor. Jupiter in Taurus senses financial opportunities and can succeed as an artist, performer, or singer. They also do well as owners, vendors, and land proprietors. Saturn in Leo knows all about leading and managing and lording it over others. They are fine and disciplined performers. Uranus in Scorpio explores sex and the occult and have ingenious ideas or concepts about death and the afterlife. Neptune in Sagittarius gets lost in spiritual principles and ideas. They are roamers, wanderers, and vagabonds. Pluto in Libra goes through profound and life-changing relationships. They also have exceptional or extreme views on art, fashion, beauty, and justice. Marlene Favela definitely exhibits the Eris(in Aries) look, which is beauty and strength combined.

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