Marlene Dietrich chart

Marlene Dietrich
Born Maria Magdalena
Dietrich von Losch
Dec.27, 1901, 9:15 PM
Schoeneberg, Berlin,
Germany 52N32 13E25

Moon in Leo 711'
Sun in Capricorn 525'
Mercury in Capricorn 218'
Venus in Aquarius 2026'
Mars in Capricorn 2558'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2026'
Saturn in Capricorn 1713'
Uranus in Sagittarius 1812'
Neptune in Gemini 2956'R
Pluto in Gemini 1721'R
Eris in Pisces 2213'

Ascendant in Virgo 516'
MidHeaven in Taurus 2640'
German actress and singer starring
in such films as Blue Angel(1930),
Shanghai Express(1932), Destry
Rides Again(1939), and Witness
For the Prosecution(1930)
Died May 6,1992.
Virgo rising gives Marlene Dietrich her earthy, sensual, and discriminating persona. Midheaven in Taurus is also sensual and artistic and gives singing and acting talent. Moon in Leo is dramatic and proud and likes being in the spotlight. Sun and Mercury in Capricorn make Marlene a very practical or down to earth woman. She is determined, ambitious, and wise, and learns everything the hard way so she can stand own her own whenever there is a problem. She is logical, patient and longsuffering but may also suffer from long periods of loneliness and depression. Venus in Aquarius likes to be original and unique and has a scientific bent. Mars in Capricorn has a busy career or work life and a sensual sex drive. Jupiter in Capricorn achieves recognition in some way and is wise, industrious, and very economical. Saturn in Capricorn is strong in its own sign and gives authority, power, and endurance and an ability to live or survive on very little. They are also very prudent, organized, and tend to be loners. Uranus in Sagittarius needs to be free to travel and explore and experiment with different cultures or philosophies. Neptune and Pluto in Gemini is a generation of deep and sensitive thinkers or communicators. They are intelligent, versatile, flirtatious, changeable, and cunning.

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