Mark Valley chart

Mark Valley
Mark Thomas Valley
Dec.24, 1964, time unknown
Ogdensburg, New York
USA 75W29 44N42

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Capricorn 256'
Moon in Virgo 1919'
Mercury in Sagittarius 2012'R
Venus in Sagittarius 645'
Mars in Virgo 2135'
Jupiter in Taurus 1635'R
Saturn in Pisces 039'
Uranus in Virgo 1450'R
Neptune in Scorpio 1907'
Pluto in Virgo 1619'R
Eris in Aries 1010'R

American actor Best known for his
roles as Jack Devereaux on Days of Our
Lives(1994-97), Brad Chase on Boston
Legal(2004-07), Christopher Chance on
Human Target(2010-11), and Oliver
Richard on Harry's Law(2011- )

LR vote: Leo rising
Handsome and successful Mark Valley has the Sun in Capricorn as his driving force. This Sun is practical, worldly, organized, and driven to accomplish. His Virgo stellium does much to help him accomplish his goals and Jupiter adds the capper producing a grand earth trine or complete material self-sufficiency. Moon in Virgo is dutiful, disciplined, organized, and pays close attention to details. Moon conjunct Mars wants things quickly or immediately. Moon conjunct Uranus has flashes of memory and intuition and Moon conjunct Pluto has deep-rooted or intense emotions. Mercury in Sag makes this Cappy more open and talkative and interested in spiritual or ethical discussion. They are knowledgeable about travel, law, and higher or spiritual education. Venus in Sag likes to travel to distant places and explore different cultures. They're also good with languages, education, sports, animals, nature, and religious study and value trust and honesty. Mars in Virgo is very dutiful and conscientios and excels in all kinds of physical labour, especially tasks that are delicate, complex, or require much study or attention to detail. Mars comjunct Uranus is active, independant, quick, and ingenious, and Pluto also conjunct adds passion and intensity. Jupiter in Taurus is interested in building and finance and the arts. They attract many opportunities to acquire wealth or financial power and also make natural owners, growers, producers, and artists of all kind -including acting and singing. Saturn in Pisces learns lessons of sacrifice, loss, isolation, and inner spiritual development and produces some of the finest poets, actors, dancers, musicians, and artists in general. Uranus in Virgo finds new ways to work or do things and has a scientific interest in health, nutrition, diet, exercise, and the environment. Neptune in Scorpio people have a secretive and suspicious psyche that is fascinated by morbid or occult subjects such as death, sex, crime, or regeneration. Pluto in Virgo people are intensely critical and analytical and go to extremes where work and diet are concerned.

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