Mark Harmon chart

Mark Harmon
Born Thomas Mark Harmon
Sep.2, 1951, 10:40 AM PDT
Burbank, California, USA
118W18 34N11

Sun in Virgo 926'
Moon in Virgo 2336'
Mercury in Virgo 458'R
Venus in Virgo 1051'R
Mars in Leo 947'
Jupiter in Aries 1247'R
Saturn in Libra 214'
Uranus in Cancer 1300'
Neptune in Libra 1751'
Pluto in Leo 2008'
Eris in Aries 744'R

Ascendant in Scorpio 135'
Midheaven in Leo 523'
American actor best known for his role as
agent Gibbs in the crime drama NCIS(2003- ).
Also starred in the series St.Elsewhere(1983-86),
Reasonable Doubts(1991-93), Chicago Hope
(1996-2000), and The West Wing(2002)
Handsome and intelligent Mark Harmon is a Sun in Virgo native with Moon, Mercury, and Venus also therein, making him quite typical of this sign. Virgos are highly self-conscious and exacting types who give their best in any endeavour. Their critical and analytical skills are legendary as are their often diffcult personal or private lives. Their job or career is where they shine and nothing makes this native happier than a job or task well done. Moon and Mercury here are very observant and sensitive to detail and Venus in this sign loves work, duty, and perfection. The rest of the chart is quite different; Scorpio rising gives much focus, depth, fixity, and an emotionally intense exterior. Mars in Leo on the MC is Mark's more bold and creative side and love of acting. This Mars is quite the performer, and lover as well. Pluto gives power, focus, and intensity to Mars' proclivities making this great for secret or undercover work, and the MC brings it all out for public view. Jupiter in Aries likes to be active and challenged and does well when leading or taking the initiative. In Harmon's solar 8th house, it gives him a personal or private interest in matters of death, sex, and the occult. Saturn in Libra judges fairly but severely and masters the art of diplomacy and relating in general. They have a very keen eye for beauty, balance, and harmony, and make fine artists, sculptors, designers, or musicians. Saturn with Neptune works hard to make real or tangible all that is imaginary or intangible. Dreams become realites here. Uranus in Cancer is very moody and unpredictable and goes through many emotional and domestic upheavals. In Harmon's 11th solar house it makes him quite "Aquarian" in nature, and there is an especial genius for cooking, housing, caretaking, and security issues(Cancer). Neptune in Libra gives Harmon and his generation a strong desire for beauty, peace, and harmony in the world. They were the "flower power" children of the mid to late 1960's and early 70's. Pluto in Leo people go all out when it comes to love, leisure, or entertainment. They are intensely creative and dramatic and make an exclusive name for themselves in the entertainment business.

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