Marjoe Gortner chart

Marjoe Gortner
Born: Hugh Marjoe Ross Gortner
Jan.14, 1944 at 6:49 PM PWT
Long Beach, California, USA
118W11 33N46

Sun in Capricorn 2348'
Moon in Virgo 1420'
Mercury in Capricorn 1027'R
Venus in Sagittarius 1412'
Mars in Gemini 500'
Jupiter in Leo 2526'R
Saturn in Gemini 2052'R
Uranus in Gemini 510'R
Neptune in Libra 414'R
Pluto in Leo 754'R
Eris in Aries 447'

Ascendant in Leo 343'
Midheaven in Aries 2416'
American actor and former evangelist
appearing in such films as Earthquake(1974),
Sidewinder One(1977), When You Comin'
Back, Red Ryder(1979), and starring in the
highly acclaimed documentary Marjoe(1972)
Pluto rising in Leo gives Marjoe Gortner his passionate and intense demeanor as well as his highly creative and expressive nature. Jupiter also in his first house and trine the Midheaven is indicative of his early religious upbringing. With Sun in Capricorn, Marjoe is a practical man at heart who is wise to the ways of the world. Mercury also in Capricorn thinks logically and in terms of facts and figures so that this is a good buisness position. Moon in Virgo re-emphasizes the basically earthy central nature of Gortner with the added qualities of duty and perfectionism. Venus in Sagittarius likes adventure, exploration, and the outdoors, and gains from religious or spiritual interests. This Venus position is open and ardent in matters of love or affection and requires the trust of the partner. Mars in Gemini is highly restless, both mentally and physically, and inspires others through its words and ideas. These natives are highly communicative, clever, and versatile, but also very changeable and impatient. Uranus exactly conjunct Mars gives an electrical or volatile nature capable of swift thought and action, but Saturn tends to bottle it up so that there is an enormous build-up of pressure. Jupiter in Leo is proud, creative, generous, and does well as an artist or entertainer. They make natural leaders and authorites as well as lovers, and get along famously with children. Saturn in Gemini gets training as a speaker or writer and has excellent although sometimes severe teaching ability. Uranus also in Gemini is brilliant, witty, humorous, versatile, and a strong believer in free speech, thought, or, education. Neptune in Libra people are poets, artists, idealists, pacifists, and seekers of beauty and harmony. Pluto in Leo individuals go to extremes in love and play and often make it big in the entertainment buisness.
Marjoe Gortner the child evangelist

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