Mario Cantone chart
Mario Cantone
Dec.9, 1959, 7:47 AM EST
Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA
71W06 42N29

Sun in Sagittarius 1642'
Moon in Aries 1449'
Mercury in Scorpio 2606'
Venus in Scorpio 206'
Mars in Sagittarius 406'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 1344'
Saturn in Capricorn 650'
Uranus in Leo 2100'R
Neptune in Scorpio 806'
Pluto in Virgo 610'R
Eris in Aries 857'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 2517'
Midheaven in Libra 1941'
Italian-American stand up comedian,
actor, and writer often appearing on
Comedy Central. Known for his
quick, campy, gay style, and for
his various impersonations
Fire and Sagittarius in particular dominate Mario Cantone's chart making him a warm, spontaneous, blunt, and really very funny guy. Sun, Ascendant, Mars, and Jupiter all in Sag give Mario much energy, courage, luck, and opportunity. Sagittarius(and Aquarius) are well known as the "clowns" of the zodiac and can be highly amusing. Moon in the fifth house(solar or terrestial) is a common placement for entertainers, and in Aries the fun is hot and spicy. Sag-Aries types are very lively, open, direct, and spontaneous. They'll say things off the cuff or repartee with lightning speed. MC in Libra likes company and tries to make everyone happy. Sag uses the sly and cunning of Mercury in Scorpio to his own advantage. This Mercury sees everything bare or at its root and can be highly disarming. Mercury with Venus and Neptune add charm, mystery, and flair. Venus in Scorpio is passionate, possessive, intense, and very shrewd in business, and with Neptune conjunct there is promise of gain in film or the arts. Mars in Sag is very open, blunt, or honest. They are restless travelers and learners and will fight for their spiritual or ethical beliefs/convictions. They also like to party and ham it up. Mars with Jupiter is very spirited, energetic, and self-confident, and gets away with a lot. Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius is very fortunate and basically doesn't have to struggle much for a living. That's because it's their purpose to study life and be the best a person can be. Abundance, prosperity, and good times, are the rule with this Jupiter. Saturn in Capricorn balances all of that Sag with a good dose of reality, seriousness, and common sense. Yes, you can't live on luck all the time, and working and struggling do have their merits. That's the lesson of Saturn in Capricorn. They learn a certain amount of discipline or control, and responsibility. Uranus in Leo completes the fire element in the chart adding genius, surprise, and originality to the mix. This Uranus is proud, brilliant, stubborn, dramatic, and openly loving and affectionate. Neptune in Scorpio picks up everything that's going on in secret around them and is fascinated by all that is forbidden or on the fringe. They have very vivid sexual imaginations and are fascinated by occult or paranormal subjects. Pluto in Virgo people have incisive critical and analytical abilities and seek to recreate or regenerate themselves through physical means such as diet, exercise, or a natural environment.

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