Marina Sirtis chart

Marina Sirtis
Mar.29, 1960
time unknown
London, England
0W10 51N30

6 AM positions(BST)
Sun in Aries 833'
Moon in Taurus 127'
Mercury in Pisces 1311'
Venus in Pisces 1614'
Mars in Aquarius 2654'
Jupiter in Capricorn 252'
Saturn in Capricorn 1745'
Uranus in Leo 1713'R
Neptune in Scorpio 832'R
Pluto in Virgo 405'R
Eris in Aries 935'

actress best known for her
role as counsellor Deanna Troi
on Star Trek: The Next

Sun in Aries gives Marina an inner confidence and zest for life. She believes in herself and likes to stay positive and active. The Moon can be in late Aries(impatient personality) or early Taurus(calm and firm personality) depending on her time of birth. Mercury and Venus in Pisces give her great sensitivity and compassion which she amplifies to the max as the empath counselor Troi on the Star Trek series. Mars in Aquarius is an active humanitarian and seeker of truth. She wil fight for her friends and the causes she believes in. Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn give her much organizational and managerial capacity and an ability to rebound in the face of serious losses or setback. This is one ambitious and determined lady. Uranus in Leo is a very creative, proud, and freely loving position. Neptune in Scorpio has a fascination for dark and forbidden subjects, such as sex, death, and the occult. Pluto in Virgo is the extreme purist and perfectionist.

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