Marilyn Hassett chart

Marilyn Hassett
Marilyn Hassett
Dec.17, 1947, time unknown
Los Angeles, California, USA
118W15 34N03

Noon Positions PST
Sun in Sagittarius 2503'
Moon in Aquarius 2305'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1545'
Venus in Capricorn 2121'
Mars in Virgo 454'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 1202'
Saturn in Leo 2231'R
Uranus in Gemini 2406'R
Neptune in Libra 1246'
Pluto in Leo 1444'R
Eris in Aries 548'R

American actress best known for her role
as Jill Kinmont in the film drama The Other
Side of the Mountain(1975), as well as New
Star of the Year(1976). Other films include
Two Minute Warning(1976), The Other
Side of the Mountain: Part II(1978),
and The Bell Jar(1979)

Lovely Marilyn Hassett is a free-spirited Sun in Sag native with equally freedom-loving Moon in Aquarius. The Sun here prides itself on its broad beliefs and moral principles and delights in long distance travel, study, and exploration. Sun with Mercury and Jupiter is an intelligent, versatile, and expansive individual with good fortune on their side. The Moon in Aquarius needs to feel free and independant often leading to erratic and rebellious behaviour. They have a keen sense for the truth and often anticipate future events. Mercury, like the Sun, is open, honest, and positive-minded and takes an interest in philosophical or spiritual matters. Mercury conjunct Jupiter gives a broad, visionary, and often prophetic mind, and a positive and ethical mental atitude. Venus in Capricorn brings this Sag back down to earth giving much common sense and shrewd business ability. They are serious in love and their relationships are solid and enduring. Mars in Virgo gives strong powers criticism and analysis and and a desire or ability for hard and vigorous physical work or activity. Jupiter in its own sign of Sag gives much vision, faith, and opportunity for growth and advancement in all areas of life. Saturn in Leo learns heavy lessons of love and pride and becomes an expert leader, performer, or entertainer. Saturn with Pluto knows how to handle power, management, and authority. Uranus in Gemini is very bright, versatile, and funny, and makes an ingenious communicator. They strongly advocate free speech, learning, and thought. Neptune in Libra people over-idealize their relationships and dream of universal peace and unity. Pluto in Leo people go to extremes in love, expression, creativity, and leisure.

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