Marie Osmond chart
Marie Osmond
Olive Marie Osmond
Oct.13, 1959, time unknown
Ogden, Utah, USA
111W44 41N18

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Libra 1941'
Moon in Pisces 1638'
Mercury in Scorpio 656'
Venus in Virgo 718'
Mars in Libra 2453'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 132'
Saturn in Capricorn 139'
Uranus in Leo 2011'
Neptune in Scorpio 604'
Pluto in Virgo 523'
Eris in Aries 923'R

American singer and actress best
known for her team-up with brother Donny
in their Donny and Marie show(1976-79),
and for country hits like Paper Roses
(1976). She is also a doll designer
Lovely and perky Marie Osmond is a Libra Sun sign with Mars conjunct making her pleasant, attractive, and very active socially. Solar Librans pride themselves on their ability to mediate or bring divergent views to a compromise or understanding. Mars here, however, can rouse up as much antagonism or division as unity or harmony by fighting or pushing for justice, fairness, and equality. Moon in Pisces is a common placement found among singers, artists, and entertainers as well as careworkers and business people. They are sensitive, compassionate types, with great intuitions and imaginations. Mercury in Scorpio gives Marie much more shrewdness and depth than the average Libran. They have deep probing minds excellent for research or investigation, especially as pertains to the hidden or dark elements of society and human nature. Mercury conjuncted by Neptune gives her highly sensitized perceptions ideal for musical, artistic, or even mystical work. Negatively, it can deceive, delude, or drain the mind. Venus in Virgo loves order, precision, productivity, and good conduct or hygeine. They are good at analyzing or evaluating and desire proper or quality relationships. Venus conjuncted by Pluto intensifies or deepens the desire nature. In Virgo this means more selectivity or stringent requirements where work and relations are concerned. Mars in Libra excels or leads in the social sense. They can leave a relationship as soon as it starts and can also be quite flirtatious. Jupiter is strongest or purest in Sagittarius giving unlimited potential for spiritual growth and abundant living. Things come easily, almost effortlessly, but with Saturn in Capricorn(also in its own sign) there is an equal pull towards hard work and discipline or control. Saturn here makes the native serious, realistic, authorotative, and responsible. They are economical, hating waste or disorder. Uranus in Leo is brilliant, creative, proud, dramatic, and very stubborn or strong-willed. They believe in free love or affection and treat children as friends and equals. Neptune in Scorpio is a generation absorbed by the dark secrets of life and the universe. They are naturally, suspicious, secretive, and investigative. Pluto in Virgo people are highly critical or selective in everything they do, especially as it pertains to work, health, or the environment. They seek ultimate purity, perfection, and service.

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