Marie Curie chart

Marie Curie
Born: Maria Sklodowska
Nov.7, 1867, 12:00 AM LMT
Warsaw, Poland
21E00 52N15

Sun in Scorpio 1435'
Moon in Pisces 1629'
Mercury in Sagittarius 638'
Venus in Scorpio 2534'
Mars in Scorpio 2937'
Jupiter in Aquarius 2800'
Saturn in Scorpio 2517'
Uranus in Cancer 1244'R
Neptune in Aries 1251'R
Pluto in Taurus 1507'R
Eris in Pisces 919'R

Ascendant in Capricorn 1202'
Midheaven in Scorpio 1837'

Polish-French physicist and chemist
who along with husband Pierre Curie
discovered polonium and radium, for
for which they won the Nobel Prize in
physics. Died on July 4, 1934 from
leukemia (due to radiatian exposure)

Marie Curie exemplifies the true Pluto-driven spirit with her determination to ponder and uncover life's deepest mysteries. Her chart shows all of the ingredients for true scientific as well as occult research. With four planets in Scorpio on the MC and in a grand trine formation(to Moon and Uranus) she is exceptionally intuitive and investigative and uses this to lead her to her discoveries. Capricorn rising puts her Scorpio planets in the 11th house of science and discovery and working for the good of humanity. The Sun in Scorpio has a disdain for superficiality or triviality prefering to plumb the depths of the dark unknown. Moon in Pisces is very sensitive and emotional and relies on instinct and first impressions to make acurate assessments. Mercury in Sagittarius adds an element of faith and philosophy to her nature, as well as positivity and mental clarity, which is excellent for keeping the more negative side of the Scorpio nature in check. Venus and Mars conjunct in Scorpio reveal a very passionate and intense love nature and a fierce determination, which is all kept under control by the conjunction to Saturn. Venus here has no illusions about what counts or what doesn't, and Mars here is fearless in the face of death or the unknown. Jupiter in Aquarius is the intellectual or scientific side of Curie which is able to grasp the scope or import of her work and what it means to humanity as a whole. They are brilliant, unique, independant, and in search of spiritual truths. Saturn in Scorpio is the the scientific researcher and investigator par excellence. They are also very knowledgeable about occult principles and may in fact be associated with one or more of the secret societies espousing or practicing such principles. Uranus in Cancer has a scientific or unconventional approach to caring and nurturing, and the emotions or domestic life are anything but stable or regular. They are geniuses with food, housing, or security issues. Neptune in Aries endows Curie and her generation with a positive and energetic psyche, eager for activity, challenge, and discovery. They are naturally impulsive and impatient and are fascinated by speed, fire, metal, and war or battle. Pluto, Curie's ruler, is in Taurus, where it plumbs the depths of matter and uncovers its secrets. This is a very sensual, stubborn, and resourceful Pluto position, and makes this generation deeply concerned with money and material possessions.

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