Maria Menounos chart

Maria Menounos
Jun.8, 1978, time unknown
Medford, Massachussetts, USA
74W10 41N01

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Gemini 1730'
Moon in Cancer 1905'
Mercury in Gemini 1022'
Venus in Cancer 2101'
Mars in Leo 2703'
Jupiter in Cancer 1045'
Saturn in Leo 2519'
Uranus in Scorpio 1303'
Neptune in Sagittarius 1656'
Pluto in Libra 1358'
Eris in Aries 1439'

American actress, journalist, and TV
host starring in films such as Fantastic
Four(2005), and Kickin' It Old Skool(2007).
Was also Miss Teen Massachusetts(1996)
and a correspondent for Entertainment
Tonight((2002). Is of Greek descent.

LR vote: Air rising
Enticing cutie Maria Menounos is a solar Gemini with Mercury conjunct making her smart, pretty, versatile, and a real communicator. Her accomplishments are many and varied and an inspiration to all. Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all in Cancer give this Gemini strong maternal instincts and close ties to family. It may also be why she is hooked up with Cancerian beau Vin Diesel. The Moon here is all feminine and motherly. Venus in Cancer has solid family values, and Jupiter is very protective and nurturing. Mars is bold and impressive in Leo -a real performer. They're pretty good lovers as well. Mars conjunct Saturn knows just when to go ahead or hold back. They have excellent timing and motor control. Saturn in Leo wants lasting love and recognition and will constantly test your loyalty. They know how to lead or command and make effective bosses, coaches, or managers. Uranus in Scorpio freely explores or digs deep to discover new and fascinating imformation on subjects like sex, death, and the paranormal. Neptune in Sagittarius is sensitive or open to discussion or exploration of religious or spiritual issues. They're natural travelers and explorers, but can easily get lost, sidetracked, or confused during their adventures. Pluto in Libra can produce exceptionally bright and attractive individuals with very selective taste in art, fashion, decor, social activity, and personal relationships. The rising sign is definitely in air or fire, and I am tempted to say Aquarius, or perhaps Gemini, although I would only be guessing.

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