Maria Callas chart

Maria Callas
Born: Maria Anna Sofia
Cecilia Kalogeropoulos
Dec.2, 1923, morning
New York city, USA
74W00 40N43

6 AM Positions EST
Sun in Sagittarius 915'
Moon in Virgo 2214'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1822'
Venus in Capricon 016'
Mars in Libra 2858'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 144'
Saturn in Libra 2822'
Uranus in Pisces 1340'
Neptune in Leo 2022'R
Pluto in Cancer 1157'R
Eris in Pisces 2908'R

Ascendant in Scorpio 2604'
Midheaven in Virgo 943'
great opera singer of the postwar
era. Died on Sept.16, 1977.
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Maria Callas her dark deep eyes and sensual features. Moon in Virgo further darkens her features adding a daintiness and servile manner. This Moon gives her keen perceptive and discriminating powers and a liking for routine and order. Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius is Maria's central nature which is quite different from her exterior presentation; she is inwardly very open, honest, and lighthearted, with a keen desire to explore the world and embrace its various cultures. She is also very interested in spiritual or religious issues and international affairs. Jupiter also in Sagittarius makes her a true explorer and adventurer with unlimited spiritual potential. Venus in Capricorn gives her restraint, control, and a great singing voice(when properly trained). She is also economical and shy or reserved with her affections. Mars in Libra conjunct Saturn knows just what to do(or don't do) in social situations, making her a great strategist. Saturn in Libra is a connoiseur of beauty, art, music, fashion, and etiquette, and knows how to handle people or relationships. Uranus in Pisces gives her great sensitivity and charm and knows how to move an audience emotionally. This is also a very psychic, artistic, and musical position. Neptune in Leo is a generation of creative artists and entertainers who know how to weave drama and glamour. Pluto in Cancer people have strong emotions and a loyalty to home and family.

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