Manny Pacquiao chart
Manny Pacquiao
Born: Emmanuel Dapridan Pacquiao
Dec.17, 1978, time unknown
Kibawe, Bukidnon, Phillipines
125E00 7N34

Noon Positions AWST
Sun in Sagittarius 2451'
Moon in Cancer 2414'
Mercury in Sagittarius 532'
Venus in Scorpio 1325'
Mars in Capricorn 321'
Jupiter in Leo 819'R
Saturn in Virgo 1353'
Uranus in Scorpio 1858'
Neptune in Sagittarius 1817'
Pluto in Libra 1851'
Eris in Aries 1338'R

Filipino boxer and politician winning 9 world
titles in 7 different weight divisions. He is
only 5'6" high and weighs under 150 lbs yet
packs quite a punch, and is reputed to be
one of the all-time best boxers in the world

Sag native Manny Pacquiao lives by his gut feelings and his chart shows it with most of his planets in fire and water. Sun in Sag loves sports and physical acivity and expanding one's mental as well as environmental horizons. Sun with Neptune has a love of art, music, film, and anything mysterious or otherworldly. Mercury in Sag is similar to the Sun but in a more mental or objective manner. This Mercury is open, honest, ethical, and optimistic with an interest in sports, travel, philosophy, international affairs, and publication. Mercury with Neptune gives interest or ability in music, the arts or the paranormal. The Moon is at home in Cancer giving Manny a very emotional or domestic side sensitive to need and security. For Sag, this Moon occupies the solar 8th house giving much emotional depth and intensity and a possible preoccupation with death and the hidden or occult side of life. Venus is in passionate and intense Scorpio so that Manny takes his love and pleasures very seriously. They are very fixed and determined and also make shrewd business people. Venus conjuncted by Uranus experiments with love and sex and experiences financial rollercoasters. Manny has the same Sun, Mercury, and Venus positions as Bruce Lee who was also experienced in boxing. Planets in earth are needed to activate the career sectors of fire signs and Mars(and Saturn) do this in Manny's chart. Mars is in Capricorn in his solar 2nd so that he can make a lot of money as a fighter/boxer(Mars). By itself, this Mars is earthy, sensual, cautious, and will fight for one's career or reputation. They are also active in politics, buisiness, finance, and industry. Jupiter, the solar ruler is in Leo, making Manny very proud, bold, and fierce. This Jupiter is also warm, noble, and creative, and succeeds as a leader, performer or entertainer. Saturn in Virgo is the stamp of quality and perfection. They are very skilled, organized, and tenacious and look after their health and diet. Saturn is in Manny's solar tenth house making him interested in politics or management and guaranteeing that whatever he does he will be there for the long haul. Uranus in Scorpio explores sex and the occult and changes our views on death and the afterlife. Neptune in Sagittarius dreams of faraway travels, adventures, and destinations, and wants to experience a universal merging with the divine. Pluto in Libra is very particular or selective about who it relates to as they give their all in a relationship.

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