Mandy Moore chart

Mandy Moore
Mandy Leigh Moore
Apr.10,1984, time unknown
Nashua , New Hampshire
USA 71W28 42N46

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Aries 2100'
Moon in Leo 1035'
Mercury in Taurus 638'
Venus in Aries 332'
Mars in Scorpio 2811'R
Jupiter in Capricorn 1224'
Saturn in Scorpio 1443'R
Uranus in Sagiittarius 1320'R
Neptune in Capricorn 124'R
Pluto in Scorpio 102'R
Eris in Aries 1531'

American pop singer and actress producing
such singles as Candy(1999), So Real(2000),
I Wanna Be With You(2000), In My Pocket
(2001), Crush(2001), and Cry(2002), and
starring in such movies as A Walk To
Remember(2002), How To Deal(2003),
Chasing Liberty(2004), and Saved(2004)

Beautiful and sexy Mandy Moore is a fiery and dynamic Sun in Aries native with the Moon in proud and glamorous Leo. Venus is also in Aries strengthening or solidifying the solar nature. By itself, Venus in Aries is aggressive and impatient both in love and in life and values strength, courage, and honesty. Mercury in Taurus diminishes the Arian impatience and impulsiveness making Mandy more quiet, practical, reasonable, and value-conscious. Mars, the solar ruler, is in passionate and intense Scorpio with Saturn, making it more of a smouldering kind of passion or intensity. These people cut to the root of a matter and make incomparable friends and unimaginable enemies. Mars with Saturn knows when to push or hold back and Mars with Pluto is pure power and passion. Jupiter in Capricorn grows in wisdom and patience and puts a lot of faith in hard work, discipline, control, economy, realism, and order or organization. They are ambitious and industrious and like dealing with numbers and facts. Jupiter together with Neptune gives spiritual or mystical interests and abilities as well as a liking for music or art. Saturn in Scorpio learns all about sex, death, regeneration, and the hidden or occult aspects of life. They make thorough and persistent researchers, investigators, criminologists, and medical people. Saturn with Pluto knows how to handle power and authority. Uranus in Sagittarius is a wild and adventurous spirit and brings new light or understanding to spiritual principles ans ideas. Modern, unusual, or scientific means of travel and exploration appeal to them. Neptune in Capricorn people are shy and cautious and fascinated by order, numbers, space, and sequence. They dream of universal order where everything has a time, place, or purpose. Pluto is at home in Scorpio giving Mandy and her generation the purest qualities of this planet and/or sign. These people are deeply and intensely emotional and have a natural or instinctive understanding of the principles or forces of life, death, and rebirth.

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