Mamie Van Doren chart
Mamie Van Doren
Joan Lucille Olander
Feb.6, 1931, 5PM CST
Rowena, South Dakota, USA
93W33 43N31

Sun in Aquarius 1712'
Moon in Libra 1213'
Mercury in Capricorn 2349'
Venus in Capricorn 028'
Mars in Leo 300'R
Jupiter in Cancer 1145'R
Saturn in Capricorn 1759'
Uranus in Aries 1223'
Neptune in Virgo 452'R
Pluto in Cancer 1915'R
Eris in Aries 122'

Ascendant in Leo 951'
MidHeaven in Aries 2629'
American actress and sex symbol
starring in such films as Teacher's
Pet, Born Reckless, and High
School Confidential, (all 1958)
Ascendant in Leo with Mars gives Mamie Van Doren her blonde sexy bombshell look. Midheaven in Aries with Uranus gives her an aggressive and impatient ego. Moon in Libra adds to her good looks and gives her a strong need or desire to socialize, be pleasing to others, and always have company. Sun in Aquarius makes her unique, independent, intelligent, and rebellious. She does her own crazy thing regardless of what other people say or think about her. Mercury in Capricorn gives her a logical and calculating mind that is good with facts and figures. These people talk only when necessary or convenient. Venus in Capricorn likes to economize or save its money, is status concious, and is serious and reserved with its affections. Mars in Leo is natural actor and entertainer and can be quite dramatic and sexy. These people are also proud, warm, generous, playful, and born leaders. Jupiter in Cancer has good fortune in the home and family sphere. They are naturally caring and protective, and make good cooks, parents, and security people. Saturn in Capricorn gives much discipline and organizational ability. Uranus in Aries is very dynamic and self-willed. Neptune in Virgo is a generation of critics and workaholics. Pluto in Cancer has powerful emotions and is devoted to home and family life.

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