Malin Akerman chart

Malin Akerman
Malin Maria Akerman
May.12, 1978, time unknown
Stockholm, Sweden 18E03 59N20

Noon Positions CET
Sun in Taurus 2122'
Moon in Cancer 1959'
Mercury in Aries 2521'
Venus in Gemini 1823'
Mars in Leo 1313'
Jupiter in Cancer 510'
Saturn in Leo 2354'
Uranus in Scorpio 1405'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 1738'R
Pluto in Libra 1423'R
Eris in Aries 1427'

Swedish-Canadian actress and model
starring in such films as The Utopian
Society(2003), Harold & Kumar Go to
Whitecastle(2004), The Heartbreak
Kid(2007), 27 Dresses(2008), and
Watchmen(2009). Also starred as Juna
in the HBO series The Comeback(2005)

LR vote: fire rising
Gorgeous Malin Akerman is a Sun in Taurus native with the ruler Venus in light and amusing Gemini. The Sun here is stoic and reliable with a gentle and artistic side as well. They take great pride in their ability to be firm and resourceful and are happiest when leading a consistent and productive lifestyle. Many Taurus Suns make excellent singers and entertainers. Moon in Cancer makes this Taurus more personable and and caring and a natural mom or domestic. Jupiter with the Moon gives public recognition or prominence. Mercury in Aries gives this Taurus more speed and expressiveness, both mentally and physically. They are simple, open, and honest, and like to talk about self or personal matters. They are also known for their impatience and fiery tempers. Venus in Gemini loves reading, writing, speaking, and communicating in general. They respect or admire intelligence, humour, and diversity, and have a reputation for being fickle or changeable in love. Mars in Leo is proud, dramatic, showy, and excels as a leader, performer, or entertainer. They are physically strong and attractive and take pride in their sexual prowess. Saturn with Mars knows when to hold back or push ahead. Jupiter in Cancer is highly caring and nurturing and puts much stock or faith in the home and family institution. They make prominent parents, providers, cooks, business people, and public figures or politicians. Saturn in Leo learns hard lessons of love, respect, pride, and dignity. They make expert leaders, performers, sportsmen, and entertainers, and crave recognition, but they may also be bossy or dictatorial. Uranus in Scorpio is secretive and sensuous and explores all aspects of sex, death, and the paranormal. Neptune in Sagittarius is fascinated by foreign travel, culture, and philosophical or spiritual beliefs. Pluto in Libra people dig deep in their relationships and have exceptional views on beauty, justice, law, and society.

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