Malcolm McDowell chart

Malcolm McDowell
Born: Malcolm John Taylor
Jun. 13, 1943 time unknown
Leeds, England, UK
1W35 53N50

Noon Positions BDST
Sun in Gemini 2131'
Moon in Libra 1825'
Mercury in Taurus 2937'
Venus in Leo 614'
Mars in Aries 1231'
Jupiter in Cancer 2622'
Saturn in Gemini 1645'
Uranus in Gemini 541'
Neptune in Virgo 2917'
Pluto in Leo 535'
Eris in Aries 1244'

English actor starring in such films as If...
(1968), A Clockwork Orange(1971), O Lucky
Man(1973), Caligula(1979), Britannia Hospi-
tal(1982), Star Trek: Generations(1994), and
the TV series Our Friends in the North(1996)

Accomplished actor Malcolm McDowell is a versatile Geminian Sun with heavy Saturn and unconventional Uranus also in that Sign. Solar Geminians delight in word and game and learning of all kind and pride themselves on their mental prowess, versatility, and youthful charm and attitude. Sarturn gives the Sun more clout or substance and Uranus gives genius and unconventionality. Moon in Libra trine the Sun has a strong need for harmony, beauty, and companionship, but an even stronger and dignified Mars opposing makes this a challenge. Mercury can be in Taurus or Gemini depending on the exact time of birth. Venus in Leo loves play, drama, entertainment, and luxury, and Pluto closely conjunct brings out the extreme side of this. Pluto in fact seems to come out very strongly in Malcolm's chart, especially in his movie "A Clockwork Orange" suggesting he may have this planet close to or on the ascendant. Mars in its own sign of Aries wil give speed, confidence, and strength to any chart and an indomitable will or energy. These people are positive and fearless types who seek constant novelty, excitenment, and challenge. Jupiter in Cancer shows a caring, nurturing side to McDowell that truly cares about home and family or roots. They love food and big houses and develop an interest in history, painting, preservation, collecting, real estate, and safety and security issues in general. Saturn in Gemini is good at using words or phrases and ideas and can make an effective teacher or writer but they can also be severe or disciplanary in their methods. Saturn with Uranus combines the old or traditional with with the new or modern and knows when to hold tight or let go. Uranus is quick and mentally brilliant in Gemini liking to express different or unusual concepts and ideas. They believe in free speech, education, or thought and the importance of diversifying. Neptune in Virgo can't help analyzing or criticizing and needs to work or be of service. They are very clean, organized, and sensitive about details and doing things perfectly or correctly. Pluto in Leo pulls out all the stops when it comes to love, pleasure, or entertainment. They are exceptionally creative and dramatic and find an exclusive niche in the arts and entertainment world.
Malcolm McDowell as Alex in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

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