Maggie Smith chart

Maggie Smith
Margaret Natalie Smith
Also known as Dame Maggie Smith
Dec.28, 1934, time unknown
Ilford, Essex, England
0E05 51N33

Noon Positions UT
Sun in Capricorn 605'
Moon in Virgo 2930'
Mercury in Capricorn 434'
Venus in Capricorn 1537'
Mars in Libra 809'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1614'
Saturn in Aquarius 2440'
Uranus in Aries 2732'R
Neptune in Virgo 1433'R
Pluto in Cancer 2522'R
Eris in Aries 216'

Eminent British actress starring in
many fine and popular films(see
below for partial filmography)

Filmograpy:The V.I.P.'s(1963), Othello(1965), The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie(1969), Travels With My Aunrt(1972), California Suite(1978), Clash of the Titans(1981), A Privae Function(1984), Room With a View(1986), Hook(1991), Sister Act(1992), The Secret Garden(1993), Richard III(1995), Tea With Mussolini(1999), Gosford Park(2001), and the Harry Potter films(2001-2007)
The Earth element and cardinal mode dominate the chart making Maggie Smith typical of her sign(Capricorn). The ruler, Saturn, however, is in contrasting Aquarius so that there is a struggle between that which is conventional and that which is not. The Sun in Capricorn prides itself in its ability to organize, manage, and control its affairs, and those of others. They are happiest when busy and accomplishing personal or professional goals and objectives. They are wise, patient, and enduring, and possess a quiet but dignified and authorotative presence. Mercury and Venus conjuncting the Sun reinforce the ego adding versatlity, intelligence, endurance, and resourcefulness. Moon in Virgo(if born before 12:59 PM) augments the practical nature and makes the native analytical, stringent, orderly, and efficient. Mercury in Capricorn makes Maggie a realist and a planner. This Mercury likes to deal with facts and statistics and is excellent for buisness. Personally, they tend to be shy, quiet, self-concious, and retiring. Venus in Capricorn likes order and discipline and knows how to save or economize. They can be cool or shy in expressing their love or affection but are exceedingly physical or sensual and want serious or committed relationships. Mars in Libra is very active socially and fights for justice and equality. They are clever, attractive, and excel as artists, musicians, fashion designers, decorators, beauticians, mediators, diplomats, and lawyers. Jupiter in Scorpio explores sex and the occult and has many adventures here. They seem to attract danger and death, make capable spies or detectives, and often live a double life. Saturn in Aquarius is friendly, intelligent, progressive, and often goes against convention or established authority. They can be brilliant and inventive, but also strange or chaotic. Uranus in Aries is bold, forceful, and iron-willed. They are inventors and pioneers blazing the trail for others. They can also be very impatient and explosive. Neptune in Virgo people are subconciously critical or analytical and obssessed with order and purity. They need to work or serve in some way. Pluto in Cancer people have volcanic emotions and a strong preoccupation with home and family life.

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