Mads Mikkelsen chart
Mads Mikkelsen
Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen
Nov.22, 1965, time unknown
Osterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
12E35 55N40

Noon Positions CET
Sun in Scorpio 2956'
Moon in Scorpio 2120'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1902'
Venus in Capricorn 1655'
Mars in Capricorn 611'
Jupiter in Gemini 2929'R
Saturn in Pisces 1033'
Uranus in Virgo 1908'
Neptune in Scorpio 2007'
Pluto in Virgo 1815'
Eris in Aries 1033'

Danish actor starring in such movies
as Pusher(1996), King Arthur(2004),
and Casino Royale(2006)

LR vote: earth or water rising
Mads Mikkelsen's hard and intense style reflects the Scorpio/Capricorn emphasis in his chart. These two signs are often the most maligned or misunderstood signs because of the seeming coldness or cruelty they exhibit, yet they are also the wisest and potentially the most regenerative of influences. Sun in Scorpio prides itself in its ability to see past all illusion, deception, or superficiality, viewing life in its raw and sometimes brutal nakedness. Sun conjunct Moon is in tune with one's feelings and the feminine principle in general. Moon in Scorpio goes to the root of a matter by using its radar-like intuition, and has a need to live each day with emotional intensity. Sun conjunct Neptune weakens or softens the ego, and Moon conjunct Neptune enriches or sensitizes the imagination and intuitive faculties. Mercury in Sagittarius gives Mikkelsen much needed vision and moral integrity. They are usually blunt or outspoken and have an interest in travel, sport, nature, and philosophy. Venus in Capricorn values order, discipline, economy, timeliness, and serious and lasting relationships. Mars also in Capricorn is slow, serious, ponderous, wise, and gets things done by planning and organizing. They can also be calculating and manipulative and are reputed to be exceedingly sensuous. Venus and Mars in the same sign usually indicates a strong attraction to or from the opposite sex. Jupiter in Gemini does much to diffuse the heaviness of the chart by giving a need for diversity, detachment, and mental activity. This Jupiter position gives a youthful, humorous, and communicative side with a possible flair for writing or speaking. Saturn in Pisces is a serious and melancholy position that seeks to bridge fantasy with reality. They make quality artists, musicians, and film-makers and take a serious look at mystical or occult subjects and disciplines. Uranus in Virgo is technically or scientifically inclined coming up with new ways to improve one's health or working conditions. Uranus conjunct Pluto seeks to effect great social, sexual, and political change or revolution. Neptune in Scorpio is subtle, secretive, emotional, and drawn towards solving or understanding the dark mysteries of life. Pluto in Virgo seeks regeneration through physical means such as diet, exercise, and environmental purity.

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