Lou Ferrigno chart
Lou Ferrigno
Born: Louis Jude
Nov.9, 1951, 1:30 AM EST
Brooklyn Heights, New York
USA 122W25 37N47

Sun in Scorpio 1603'
Moon in Pisces 2342'
Mercury in Sagittarius 134'
Venus in Virgo 2930'R
Mars in Virgo 2117'
Jupiter in Aries 500'
Saturn in Libra 1019'
Uranus in Cancer 1350'
Neptune in Libra 2015'R
Pluto in Leo 2130'R
Eris in Aries 703'R

Ascendant in Virgo 1503'
MidHeaven in Gemini 1236'
body builder and actor best known
for his role as The Hulk in The
Incredible Hulk TV series (1978-82).
Is 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs at least
250 lbs. 80% deaf since the age of three.
Ascendant in Virgo with Venus and Mars Gives Lou Ferrigno his earthy, solid, and imposing presence. Moon in Pisces gives him a soft touch for such a big guy, making him both sensitive and romantic. Sun in Scorpio is his steely resolve and incredible focus as well as his passionate and jealous nature. Mercury in Sagittarius is pretty up front with his thoughts and manner of communicating and has an interest in all things philosophical. Venus and Mars in Virgo both like to exercise and stay clean and make him attractive to the opposite sex. Jupiter in Aries loves activity and competition and knows no bounds where self-potential is concerned. Saturn in Libra is very concerned with form and beauty and will work hard to see that it is just right. Uranus in Cancer has trouble controlling the emotions and appetite and can have an unsettling domestic life. Neptune in Libra is obsessed with beauty, form, and trying to maintain harmonious relationships. Pluto in Leo needs to find an outlet for its intense creative drive.
Ferrigno as Hercules
Ferrigno as the Hulk

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