Lorenzo Lamas chart

Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas y de Santos
Jan.20,1958, 3:13 PM PST
Santa Monica, California
USA 118W29 34N01

Sun in Aquarius 025'
Moon in Aquarius 1225'
Mercury in Capricorn 702'
Venus in Aquarius 1257'R
Mars in Sagittarius 2011'
Jupiter in Scorpio 039'
Saturn in Sagittarius 2135'
Uranus in Leo 1001'R
Neptune in Scorpio 443'
Pluto in Virgo 148'R
Eris in Aries 828'

Ascendant in Cancer 558'
Midheaven in Pisces 1840'
American TV and film actor best known
for his work as Lance Cumson in Falcon
Crest(1981-90), as Reno Raines in Rene-
grade(1992-97), and as Hector Ramirez
in The Bold and The Beautiful(2004-)
Cancer rising gives Lorenzo Lamas his sensitive looks and radar-like instincts. Sun, Moon, and Venus in Aquarius make Lorenzo extremely fixed, determined, and independent. The Sun here is friendly, original, freedom-loving, and truth-respecting. Solar Aquarians have noble goals and intentions and want to make a positive difference in the world. Moon in Aquarius needs to feel free and uncluttered or will rebel and break away. They have a keen instinct for recognizing the truth. Moon conjunct Venus has good relations with family and women and is good at making deals. Mercury in Capricorn thinks logically and realistically and speaks only when necessary. They're good observers and organizers. Venus in Aquarius likes to be unique and original and values friendship and truth. Mars in Sagittarius is wild and impulsive and has lots of energy and bravado. They are active travelers and students of life and are fiercely ethical or principled. Mars conjunct Saturn knows when to accelarate or put on the breaks. Jupiter in Scorpio is the bad boy in Lamas. These people court danger and death and usually come out unscathed. They live secret or double lives and like to explore sex and the more hidden or forbidden aspects of life. Jupiter conjunct Neptune has a good understanding of spiritual or occult ideas and principles. Saturn in Sagittarius helps keep Lamas out of trouble by instilling a deep sense of ethics or moral principles, as well as a good amount of luck. They're good at organizing trips or field and nature studies. Uranus in Leo is very proud, stubborn, and independent. They like to play the hero, are brilliantly creative and dramatic, and are surprisingly open and affectionate in love. Neptune in Scorpio people are subtle, secretive, intense, and drawn to sex, the occult, or anything hidden or mysterious. Pluto in Virgo people are extremely observant, critical, analytical, and need to be the best in whatever they do.

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