Linda Goodman chart

Linda Goodman
on the cover of Sun Signs(1968)
Born: Mary Alice Kemery
Apr.10,1925, time uncertain
Morgantown, West Virginia,
USA 79W57 39N38
(AstroDatabank gives
or 22 Leo rising

6 AM positions EST
Sun in Aries 2004'
Moon in Scorpio 656'
Mercury in Taurus 227'R
Venus in Aries 1633'
Mars in Gemini 1112'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2108'
Saturn in Scorpio 1235'R
Uranus in Pisces 2304'
Neptune in Leo 1955'R
Pluto in Cancer 1128'
Eris in Aries 023'

Ascendant in Aries 2204'
MidHeaven in Capricorn 1209'
Popular astrologer famous for her
books Sun Signs(1968), Love Signs
(1978), and Star Signs(1987). Died
from complications of diabetes
on Oct.21, 1995.
Sun (and Ascendant?) in Aries makes Linda Goodman a "double Aries"(Sun Signs -page 361). With double Aries people, what you see is what you get. They are simple, straightforward, self-confident, active, energetic, and love a challenge. They are also ardent, fiery, and impatient. Mercury in Taurus gives her the patience and determination to complete her voluminous works. Moon is in secretive Scorpio with Saturn giving her depth, seriousness, and intensity. Venus is in Aries is ardent and aggressive in love waiting for her knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet. Mars is in clever and communicative Gemini giving her all her ideas and the ability to write them down in book form. Jupiter in Capricorn wastes not and wants not. They are organuized, discplined, and ambitious. Saturn in Scorpio gives tremendous depth and control and likes to tackle deep and dark subjects such as death, sex, and the occult. These people can be very secretive and often belong to secretive or esoteric organizations. Uranus in Pisces is ultra sensitive and often psychic or otherworldly. They need peaceful and harmonious surroundings to explore or recharge their delicate inner natures. Neptune in Leo dreams of being center stage. This is the Hollywood generation that thrives on glamour and entertainment. Pluto in Cancer is deadly serious when it comes to family or domestic issues and their emotions powerful and transformative.
On the cover of Love Signs(1978)
On the cover of Star Signs(1987)
Todd Yeager's rendering of Linda Goodman
Author's note: Something didn't feel right about Linda being born in 1926. I always felt 1925 was correct, yet disregarded my instincts in favor of someone else's "proofs" or convictions. This was a mistake. Also, I remembered vaguely, when reading her works long ago, that I came across a passage where she stated that she had at least one planet in Taurus in her chart, but I could not remember where it was stated. There is no Taurus planet on April 10th of 1926, but there IS a Taurus planet on April 10th of 1925 -Mercury! Now if only I could find that passage. Well, after a long search. I finally found it! In her second major book, Love Signs, at the bottom of page 744, in the Scorpio-Aquarius section, Linda states "But I have at least one planet in Taurus,..". There it is -incontrovertible proof that she could not be born on April 10th, 1926. I also firmly believe she has Saturn in Scorpio. People with this Saturn often lead secret lives or join some secret society, and one of the first things they keep secret is their birth data! The only Saturn in Scorpio year which has one planet in Taurus on April 10th is 1925! One email suggested April 19th, but this would only be accurate for years outside of 1925/26. As for her birth time, I have already mentioned that she claims to be a "double Aries"(Sun Signs, page 361) which in astrological lingo suggests Aries rising, although AstroDatabank gives Leo rising. My apologies for being led astray on the year!
Note: on page 420 of Star Signs(Physical Immortality section), Linda admits to being 400 years old! If she is serious, then none of her present horoscopes are valid!

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