Lillian Gish chart

Lillian Gish
Born: Lillian Diana deGuiche
Oct.14,1893 3:30 AM CST
Springfield, Ohio, USA
83W49 39N55

Sun in Libra 2116'
Moon in Sagittarius 1254'
Mercury in Scorpio 712'
Venus in Sagittarius 233'
Mars in Libra 746'
Jupiter in Gemini 028'R
Saturn in Libra 1629'
Uranus in Scorpio 950'
Neptune in Gemini 1321'R
Pluto in Gemini 1036'R
Eris in Pisces 1945'R

Ascendant in Virgo 2328'
Midheaven in Gemini 2230'
American actress whose career spans 75 years
from 1912 to 1987 starring in such films as Birth of a Nation(1915), Intolerance(1916), Broken Blossoms(1919), Way Down East(1920), Orphans of the Storm(1921), The Wind(1928), Duel in the Sun(1946), Night of the Hunter(1955), The Unforgiven(1960), The Comedians(1967), A Wedding(1978), and Sweet Liberty(1986). Died on Feb.27,1993.
Lovely Lillian Gish has a strong Libra-Gemini emphasis making up at least half the chart and giving her a very sociable and intellectual nature. Both these signs also give much physical attractiveness, Libra being beautiful and Gemini being pretty, and there is much objectivity and versatility as well. A Libra Sun lives for others, especially the mate or life partner, and relishes any kind of companionship or social activity. They pride themselves on their fair or impartial nature and dislike unpleasantness or vulgarity. Mars strengthens and enlivens the Sun while Saturn subdues or tempers it. Moon in Sag is open and inquisitive and needs to feel free to explore or wander. Moon with Venus combines home life with social or financial activity. Mercury in Scorpio is quiet and secretive and intensely observant or perceptive. They like to think about or discuss dark and secret matters like sex, death, and the paranormal. Mercury conjuncted by Uranus gives Lillian a quick and ingenious mind that likes to surprise or see ahead into the future. Venus in Sag loves nature, travel, and the outdoors and possesses strong spiritual values. Mars in Libra is sociable, attractive, and artful and fights for fairness and equality. Mars with Saturn knows when to push ahead or hold back. Jupiter in Gemini is youthful and attractive and knows a lot about many things. They succeed as writers, speakers, hosts, linguists, comedians, and communicators in general. Jupiter with Neptune and Pluto gives a mystical or occult philosophy and success as an artist, film star, or sex symbol. Saturn in Libra is the serious artist or companion who learns all about sharing and co-operating and fairness or justice. They are attractive in a lean kind of way and make fine models or beauticians. Uranus in Scorpio is stubborn or self-willed and freely explores sex, UFO's, death, and the afterlife. Neptune in Gemini is always learning and absorbing knowledge or information and needs constant change and variety. This is intensified by the conjunction from Pluto which deepens the mind and gives it much power. Pluto in Gemini people can transform or be transformed by a simple thought, word, or gesture and have access to rare or exclusive knowledge and information.

The birth time is uncertain, but it is generally accepted to be 3:30 AM which gives Virgo rising and Gemini Midheaven. Even the year is not entirely certain(some sources give 1896) but the official site gives 1893. Virgo rising gives a prim and proper persona or physical appearance and MC in Gemini gives a hignly mental alter ego or outlook. Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto in the MC sign make her an important generational icon or influence.

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