Leonardo DiCaprio chart
Leonardo DiCaprio
Nov.11, 1974, 2:47 AM PST
Los Angeles, California
118W15 34N03

Sun in Scorpio 1840'
Moon in Libra 1544'
Mercury in Libra 2945'
Venus in Scorpio 1954'
Mars in Scorpio 936'
Jupiter in Pisces 806'
Saturn in Cancer 1847'R
Uranus in Libra 2925'
Neptune in Sagittarius 835'
Pluto in Libra 813'
Eris in Aries 1252'R

Ascendant in Libra 307'
MidHeaven in Cancer 324'
actor famous for his roles in the TV
sitcom Growing Pains(1991-92) the movie
Titanic(1997), and The Aviator(2004)
Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto all in Libra give DiCaprio his good looks and charming persona. He needs to relate and harmonize, especially on an emotional or sexual level. He is also interested in art amd music and fashion. Sun, Venus, and Mars in Scorpio describes Leonardo's true inner nature which is far different from what he shows or appears to be. This is a very intense, passionate, and determined individual, who will do just about anything to achieve his goals or desires. He can be very jealous, possessive, or suspicious of others and it's no use trying to change his mind when it's made up. Jupiter in Pisces gives him a liking for film and fantasy and mystery and romance. This is also a very artistic or musical position and attracts you to water sports such as swimming and diving. Mr. DiCaprio also likes to help those who are institutionalized or less fortunate than himself. Saturn in Cancer gives him a strong nurturing side and desire for security. Home and family are serious issues for him which he steadily grows into as he gets older. He has a keen memory and is a collector of sorts. He also loves to eat and has to watch his weight. Neptune in Sagittarius is his travel urge and his desire to comprehend spiritual issues. Pluto in Libra is his all or nothing attitude when it comes to relationships.

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