Lee Remick chart

Lee Remick
Born: Lee Ann Remick
Dec.14,1935, time unknown
Quincy, Massachusetts
USA 40N38 73W56

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Sagittarius 2147'
Moon in Leo 1633'
Mercury in Sagittarius 2415'
Venus in Scorpio 653'
Mars in Aquarius 551'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 755'
Saturn in Pisces 439'
Uranus in Taurus 151'R
Neptune in Virgo 1646'S
Pluto in Cancer 2700'R
Eris in Aries 233'R

American actress best known
for such movies as Anatomy of a
Murder(1959), Days of Wine and
Roses(1962), and The Omen(1976).
Died of kidney cancer on July 2, 1991

LR vote: Libra rising
Lovely Lee Remick is a solar Sagittarian with Mercury and Jupiter there too making her an open and adventurous spirit and an eager student of life. The Sun here is an authority on religious and spiritual matters and prides itself on its righteous conduct. They are also seasoned travelers and explorers and enjoy outdoor activities. Moon in Leo is proud and fiery and likes to receive attention or be in the spotlight. They are natural entertainers and good with children. Mercury in Sagittarius is the eternal student and explorer who likes to discuss spiritual subjects or ethical issues. They are open, blunt, and very honest, and don't like being criticized or put down. Mercury conjunct Jupiter is always learning and expanding one's mental horizons and has an interest in publishing. Venus in Scorpio gives depth, passion, and emotional fortitude, and is attractive to the opposite sex. They are shrewd with money and enjoy deep and passionate love relationships. Mars in Aquarius is the rebel and fighter for truth and humanitarian causes. They are very independant and unpredictable and often have inventive or scientific ability. Jupiter in Sagittarius is Remick's solar ruler and is strong in its own sign giving her many of the pure traits of this sign: spirituality, benevolence, good all-around fortune, unlimited learning, and clarity of mind and purpose. Saturn in Pisces is a serious and sensitive placement concerned with the welfare of others, especially on an emotional level. They need periods of seclusion for introspective work and have a desire to bridge the ethereal with the material. Uranus in Taurus is rugged, sensual, stubborn, and finds new ways to earn or invest money. They have an interest in the physical sciences. Neptune in Virgo needs to work and be useful and is sensitive about order and cleanliness. They are natural critics and analysts. Pluto in Cancer has deep emotional and security needs and often finds fulfillment in a home or family setting.

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