Lauren Graham chart
Lauren Graham
Lauren Helen Graham
(some say 1968)
Honolulu, Hawaii
157W52 21N18

Noon Positions AHST
Sun in Pisces 2537'
Moon in Taurus 2750'
Mercury in Pisces 434'R
Venus in Aries 2545'
Mars in Scorpio 246'R
Jupiter in Cancer 2727'R
Saturn in Aries 136'
Uranus in Virgo 2215'R
Neptune in Scorpio 2415'R
Pluto in Virgo 1910'R
Eris in Aries 1110'

plays Lorelai Gilmore, the
mom on The Gilmore Girls
(2000-07) and Sarah Braver-
man on Parenthood(2010- )

LR vote: Sagittarius rising
Attractive Lauren Graham has Sun and Mercury in Pisces -a kind, sensitive, understanding, and sacrificing soul. She is also very artistic, idealistic, and romantic. Moon is either in Taurus or Gemini depending on the exact time of her birth. Venus in Aries is feisty and aggressive and values strength, courage, and decisiveness. Venus with Saturn stabilizes the finances and makes for enduring relationships. Mars in Scorpio is very passionate and intense and bravely faces danger and death. They do things secretly, covertly, and very thoroughly. Jupiter in Cancer is moody and emotional and looks up to home and family. They succeed as parents, caretakers, and domestics, as well as collectors, painters, historians, and public personalities. This is the Lorelai character in Gilmore Girls and Sarah in Parenthood. Saturn in Aries is planned, controlled, and organized action. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo gives Graham and her generation a revolutionary attitude towards health, work, and the environment. Neptune in Scorpio gives her and her generation a keen interest in the obscure issues of life, such as sex, death, regeneration, and the occult. Pluto in Virgo people are very exact and specific as to what they want, especially if it concerns diet or work.

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