Kristian Alfonso
Sep.5, 1964, time unknown
Brockton, Massachussetts
USA 71W01 42N05

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Virgo 1306'
Moon in Virgo 618'
Mercury in Virgo 652'R
Venus in Cancer 2726'
Mars in Cancer 2403'
Jupiter in Taurus 2600'
Saturn in Pisces 047'R
Uranus in Virgo 1037'
Neptune in Scorpio 1530'
Pluto in Virgo 1358'
Eris in Aries 1101'R

model/actress best known for
her role as Hope Brady on
Days of Our Lives(1983-)

LR vote: Sagittarius rising
and Libra Midheaven
Sagittarius risng with Libra Midheaven? gives Kristian Alfonso her model looks and pleasant persona. Sun and Moon and Mercury in Virgo is central nature; that of a simple, down to earth woman, who likes nothing better than to be of useful service to the people around her. Moon in Virgo requires a daily routine and clean surroundings. Mercury in Virgo is very efficient, analytical, and organized and is a great placement for secretaries. Venus and Mars in Cancer give her an emotional and sentimental love nature and and a strong attachment or preoccupation with family and home life. Jupiter in Taurus is very resourceful and good with money. Saturn in Pisces is very sensitive and sacrificing and tries to help those who are less fortunate in life. Uranus in Virgo conjoining Sun, Moon, and Mercury make Kristian a very independant and unpredictable lady who will not be controlled or coerced. On its own, this position is concerned with free education and the development of new technologies that benefit our lives and the environment. Neptune in Scorpio is a generation of researchers and people who explore the dark side of life, from sex and drugs to death and regeneration to occult mysteries. Pluto in Virgo conjoining Hope's Sun makes her one in a million, an intense and exclusive personality. On its own, Pluto in Virgo is a generation who are very selective about their work and health and training or education.

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