Kirstie Alley chart

Kirstie Alley
Gladys Leeman
Jan.12, 1955, time unknown
(other sources give 1951)
Wichita, Kansas, USA
97W20 37N42

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Capricorn 2146'
Moon in Virgo 1532'
Mercury in Aquarius 259'
Venus in Sagittarius 537'
Mars in Pisces 2814'
Jupiter in Cancer 2519'R
Saturn in Scorpio 1917'
Uranus in Cancer 2549'R
Neptune in Libra 2809'
Pluto in Leo 2619'R
Eris in Aries 740'

actress/producer best known for
her role as Rebecca Howe
on Cheers(1987-93)

Sun in Capricorn is Kirstie's true inner nature -a practical, self-sufficient, organized, and persistent indvidual who is a lot more serious than she appears. This woman has a strong need to achieve something meaningful and lasting in her life and has he determination to do it. Moon in Virgo is her critical, efficient, and perceptive personality. Mercury in Aquarius gives her mental brilliance and originality. She is altruistic and wants to contribute in some way to humanity. Venus in Sagittarius loves nature and outdoor activities and travel and has strong ethical standards or values. She is very open and fun-loving. Mars in Pisces is oversensitive and emotional and cries easily. They are also very gentle, artistic, musical, and romantic. Jupiter in Cancer loves food and restaurants and home and family life. They like to mother or take care of others, are collectors of sorts, and enjoy water sports. Saturn in Scorpio people have great depth and intensity and can easily control or master their powerful emotions and sex drives. They also make top notch spies and researchers and know a lot about the deep mysteries of life. Uranus in Cancer is very sensitive , shy, and intuitive, and experiences much emotional and domestic instability. Neptune in Libra loves beauty and art and peace but often gets entangled in deceptive or weak relationships. Pluto in Leo people go to extremes in love and creativity and entertainment and may expect too much from their children.

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