Keira Knightley chart

Keira Knightley
(Note: This chart
has been corrected)
Born Keira Christina Knightley
Mar.22, 1985, time unknown
Teddington, Middlesex
England 0W20 51N26

Noon Positions UT
Sun in Aries 149'
Moon in Aries 1246'
Mercury in Aries 1819'
Venus in Aries 2044'R
Mars in Taurus 517'
Jupiter in Aquarius 915'
Saturn in Scorpio 2756'
Uranus in Sagittarius 1759'
Neptune in Capricorn 334'
Pluto in Scorpio 412'
Eris in Aries 1533'

English actress

LR vote: Sag rising

Films include: Princess of Thieves(2001), Bend it Like Beckham(2002), Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(2003), King Arthur(2004), Domino(2005), and Pride and Predjudice(2005)

Attractive Keira Knightly has Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Aries making her very typical of her sign. She is a fiery, confident, and energetic spirit who loves life and challenge and adventure. She is also quick, temperamental, and highly independant. Mars, the ruler, is in Taurus giving some kind of anchor and stability to all those fiery emotions. This Mars is very earthy and sensual and excels in all financial or artistic activities. Many have stong singing voices. Jupiter in Aquarius is a special position for Aries giving much ingenuity, independance, and uniqueness. They have much faith in mankind and a huge respect for truth and freedom. They are also funny, strange, inventive, and attract a lot of friends -most of whom are very lucky for them. Saturn in Scorpio knows how to keep the emotions or passions under control and makes an excellent researcher or investigator. Uranus in Sagittarius has unconventional ideas about religion, faith, or spirituality. These people cannot be restrained and need to be free to travel and explore to their heart's content. Neptune also in Sagittarius, is a generation of spiritual mystics and explorers who desire union with the divine. Pluto in Scorpio people are deeply emotional or intense and have a natural understanding of death, regeneration, and other occult principles.
Keira Knightly as Gwyn in PRINCESS OF THIEVES

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