Katharine Hepburn chart

Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Houghton Hepburn
May.12, 1907, 5:47 PM
Hartfort, Connecticut, USA
72W41 41N46

Sun in Taurus 2102'
Moon in Taurus 2751'
Mercury in Taurus 807'
Venus in Aries 1825'
Mars in Capricorn 1548'
Jupiter in Cancer 901'
Saturn in Pisces 2448'
Uranus in Capricorn 1227'R
Neptune in Cancer 1034'
Pluto in Gemini 2230'
Eris in Pisces 2517'

Ascendant in Scorpio 757'
MidHeaven in Leo 1609'
classic American actress.
(see filmography below).
Died June 29, 2003
Filmography: Morning Glory(1933),Little Women(1933), Alice Adams(1935), The Philadelphia Story(1940), Woman of the Year(1942), Adam's Rib(1949), The African Queen(1951), Summertime(1955), The Rainmaker(1956), Suddenly Last Summer(1959), Long Day's Journey Into Night(1962), Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?(1967), The Lion in Winter(1968), and On Golden Pond(1981)
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Katharine Hepburn her intense and penetrating look. Midheaven in Leo is her proud and haughty image and interest in showbuisness. Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Taurus make her a solid, down to earth lady with practical interests and concerns. She is a shrewd buisnesswoman who will listen to facts rather than promises. She is also very stubborn, sensual, artistic, and musical. Venus in Aries is her acting interest and ability: this position appears frequently in the horoscopes of classic actors and actresses. Venus also makes her a passionate and ardent lady who is not afraid to pursue her love interests. Mars in Capricorn is a plodder, someone who perserveres untill they achieve what is needed or wanted. Jupiter in Cancer can do well where domestic issues are concerned; these people are naturally caring, nurturing, and highly emotional. Saturn in Pisces likes to work in the background and institutions such as hospitals, or asylums, figure prominently in their lives. They use their fine intuition to get ahead in life. Uranus in Capricorn gives organizational genius but also instability where the reputation or career is concerned. Neptune in Cancer needs a home base. These people are emotional with lucid memories and many are addicted to food or eating. Pluto in Gemini people seek to transform their lives via the power of the mind and the word. It is also a generation which has transformed local means of travel, and communication.

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