Kanye West chart
Kanye West
Born: Kanye Omari West
Jun.8, 1977, time unknown
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
84W23 33N45

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Gemini 358'
Moon in Pisces 1810'
Mercury in Taurus 2630'R
Venus in Taurus 209'
Mars in Taurus 153'
Jupiter in Gemini 1438'
Saturn in Leo 1249'
Uranus in Scorpio 816'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 1421'R
Pluto in Libra 1127'R
Eris in Aries 1425'

American rapper, singer, and record pro-
ducer turning out such songs as Jesus Walks
(2005), Gold Digger(2006), Good Life(2008),
and Run This Town(2010), as well as videos
such as All Falls Down(2004), Touch the Sky
(2006), Stronger(2007), Love Lockdown
(2009), Forever(2010), and Runaway(2010)

Accomplished artist Kanye West combines intellect, vision, and innovation with art, splendor, and creativity and the results are spectacular. Sun in Gemini is the creative mind and Jupiter in Gemini adds scope or vision and a sense of ethics. These people have big ideas and egos but also much warmth, hope, confidence, and generosity. Pisces, Taurus, Leo, and Libra are the most artistic signs and Kanye has all four. Moon in Pisces loves music and art and all that is ethereal or otherworldly. They are emotional, intuitive, nurturing, and surprisingly good business people as well. Mercury, the solar ruler, is in Taurus removing some of the restlessness or flighty nature of Gemini and giving more patience and practicality. They don't talk much but what they say has weight and substance. Money and possessions are always on the mind with this Mercury placement, as are sensual and artistic expression. Venus and Mars also in Taurus make Kanye a pretty solid and productive guy. Venus in its own sign gives the pure traits of Taurus which are keen physical senses, solidity, endurance, determination, resourcefulness, productiveness, and great taste or evaluative ability. They have the Midas touch. Mars in Taurus is more hasty or ardent in its desires and money comes and goes quickly with this postion. They will fight for what they own or value whether it is physical wealth or a personal idea or belief. Venus conjunct Mars is also a strong indicator of much activity and success with the opposite sex. Saturn in Leo learns difficult lessons of pride and love and masters the art of show and performance. Children are few if any but of high quality or calibre. Uranus in Scorpio is very self-willed and determined and unabashadly explores where most others fear to tread -such as in the fields of sex death and the paranormal. Neptune in far-away and high-minded Sagittarius balances the more local or petty-minded concerns of Gemini. There is an instatiable thirst for travel, exploration, adventure, and the search for spiritual meaning with this Neptune position. Pluto in Libra has very selective social codes and is looking for that one in a million relationship. They can turn out some pretty amazing partnerships, accords, art works, and melodies.

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