Justin Bieber chart

Justin Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber
Mar.1, 1994, 12:56 AM EST
Stratford, Ontario, Canada
80W57 43N22

Sun in Pisces 1025'
Moon in Libra 2438'
Mercury in Aquarius 2332'R
Venus in Pisces 2050'
Mars in Aquarius 2507'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1439'R
Saturn in Pisces 345'
Uranus in Capricorn 2452'
Neptune in Capricorn 2232'
Pluto in Scorpio 2804'
Eris in Aries 1727'

Ascendant in Scorpio 2902'
Midheaven in Virgo 1544'
Canadian pop-R&B singer and teen idol
best known for such hits as One Time(2009),
Only Less Lonely Girl(2009), Baby(2010),
Somebody to Love(2010), and U Smile(2010)
Precocious Justin Bieber has nearly all of his planets in the second half of the zodiac so that he is much more concerned about "others" rather than self and has a very broad or objective view of life. He is also mostly water and air(refined)) as opposed to earth and fire(basic), making him very emotional or sensitive and sociable or people-oriented. Moon in Libra definitely needs company, beauty, and refinement and makes Justin pleasant, cooperative and physically attractive. Mercury in Aquarius is very smart or ingenious and tries very hard to be friendly, truthful, and open-minded. They like anything strange or out of the ordinary and their uniqueness or originality is often trend-setting. With Mars conjunct, Mercury is very direct and outspoken and can't wait to put its thoughts or ideas into action. Mars in Aquarius can be very inventive, ingenious, rebellious, unconventional, and a fighter for truth and freedom. Sun in Pisces, however, sees to it that this need to be different does not go to extremes. The Sun in a chart always has the last word, and in the end Justin will see to it that any kind of disruption will be kept to a minimum. This Sun(in Pisces) likes quiet, rest, privacy, and contemplation, and Venus and Saturn conjunct add endurance, toughness, and resourcefulness. Music is one area where both Aquarius and Pisces can shine -Aquarius is the novelty, excitement, and electricity and Pisces is the flow, coherence, and magnetism. Venus in Pisces is very artistic and romantic as well as understanding and compassionate. Jupiter in Scorpio can be very secretive, suspicious, and mysterious. They're very much into exploring or investigating the big dark secrets of life like sex, death, and the afterlife or aliens and UFO's. They seem to attract danger but just as easily get out of it. Jupiter on the Ascendant makes Beiber lucky and well-liked, and Jupiter with Pluto often gives exceptional financial opportunities. Saturn in Pisces likes privacy and retreat and makes a good painter, artist, musician, or even occultist. They are very sensitive souls who can easily get depressed or discouraged. Uranus in Capricorn finds new and unique ways to build, organize, or do business. They are geniuses with numbers, definitions, and spatial or time concepts. Uranus with Neptune combines novelty with expectation and can produce some really exciting music or art. Neptune in Capricorn dreams of a perfect and orderly universe where everything has a place, time, or purpose. Personally, these people are shy, cautious, wise, practical, and organized. Pluto in its own sign of Scorpio makes Bieber and his generation very concious about such issues as death and rebirth or destruction and regeneration, both on an individual and collective level. They are emotionally deep and intense people with a natural understanding of occult or paranormal principles.

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