John Mayer chart

John Mayer
Oct.16, 1977, 5:26 AM EDT
Bridgeport, Connecticut
USA 73W12 41N10

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Libra 2254'
Moon in Sagittarius 1059'
Mercury in Libra 2105'
Venus in Virgo 2910'
Mars in Cancer 2517'
Jupiter in Cancer 602'
Saturn in Leo 2749
Uranus in Scorpio 1055'
Neptune in Sagittarius 1405'
Pluto in Libra 1426'
Eris in Aries 1351'R

Ascendant in Libra 226'
Midheaven in Cancer 250'
budding singer-songwriter best
known for hits like Your Body is a
Wonderland (2002), No Such Thing (2002), Clarity (2004), Bigger Than My Body (2004), and Daughter (2004)
Sun, Mercury, Ascendant, and Pluto all in Libra gives John Mayer a strong need for harmonious and artistic expression, and music fits the bill nicely. Sun in Libra takes pride in its ability to to bring beauty, peace, and harmony into the lives of others. Moon in Sagittarius is wild and adventurous but can also be quite studious and spiritually inclined. Mercury in Libra thinks in terms of balance and co-operation. These people are clever, fair, attractive, and have a good sense of sound and form. Venus in Virgo likes order, detail, and perfection. Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, give John his soft, round, sensitive features and personality. Mars in Cancer is very emotional and very active with home and family. They also love to eat and have a way with the ladies. Jupiter in Cancer is very caring and nurturing and does well in housing, nursing, catering, cooking, collecting, and other Cancerian professions. He also has a lot of intuition and imagination which he no doubt uses to compose his music. Saturn in Leo knows how to lead and perform but must watch a tendency to be demanding or requiring of too much attention. Uranus in Scorpio people like to explore "forbidden" subjects -like sex and the occult, regardless of what others tell them, and can make some interesting discoveries here. Neptune in Sagitarius is a generation of wanderers and spiritual mystics who seek union(or escape) with God. Pluto in Libra gives John his own paticular artistic style and attitude and ensures him an exclusive spot in the music industry.

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