Joe DiMaggio chart

Joe DiMaggio
Born Giuseppe Paulo DiMaggio
Nov.25,1914, 10:55 PM
Martinez, California, USA
122W08 38N01

Sun in Sagittarius 231'
Moon in Pisces 1431'
Mercury in Scorpio 1252'
Venus in Sagittarius 555'R
Mars in Sagittarius 1017'
Jupiter in Aquarius 1557'
Saturn in Cancer 051'R
Uranus in Aquarius 818'
Neptune in Leo 019'R
Pluto in Cancer 144'R
Eris in Pisces 2626'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 141'
MidHeaven in Virgo 1525'
All-time baseball great for the New York
Yankees(1936-51) accumulating 361 home
runs and a .579 slugging percentage. Is of
Sicilian ancestry. Also known for his brief
marriage to actress Marilyn Monroe in
1954. Died from complications of lung
cancer on April 25, 1999
Sun, Ascendant, Venus, and Mars, all conjunct in Sagittarius give Joe DiMaggio a powerful adventurous streak and a strong moral or ethical nature. Personal freedom and integrity are all-important, as are sincerity, trust, and truthfulness. Give them the benefit of the doubt and you win them over. Restrict or criticize and you lose them. Sagittarius types are basically benevolent people who want to do what's right. They can, however, get a little wild or out of control, and tact is not their strong suit. Moon in Pisces adds much needed sensitivity and humility and can actually make Joe shy and withdrawn. Mercury in Scorpio also counter-acts the heavy Sagittarian influence by giving a certain amount of secrecy and depth. The nature can also be suspicious and possessive, and there is a notable interest in forbidden or occult subjects. Jupiter, the ruler and dispositor of his Sagittarian planets, is in Aquarius and conjunct Uranus, making him brilliant, unique, and a giant in his field. He's very big on truth and friendship and has some truly ingenious ideas about how to help or improve humanity. He can also be quite stubborn, unconventional, and rebellious. This conjunction shows a definite interest in flying or aviation. Saturn in Cancer learns to trust his instincts and becomes a survivor in the face of great obstacles. Family life may have been restrictive but it taught important life-saving lessons. Saturn conjunct Pluto knows how to handle power and authority. Uranus in Aquarius is powerful in its own sign giving this native pure genius, integrity, a will of iron, and an instinctive or immediate recognition of truth. Their truth-seeking and freedom-insisting natures undoubtedly draw them to humanitarian activities and causes. Neptune in Leo is a very creative and artistic generation obsessesd with power, glamour, and entertainment. Hollywood and the film world and offer them an ideal escape for the realization of their fantasies. The Pluto in Cancer generation is the mainstay of our family institution and social security. These people have intensely powerful emotions and exceptional survival skills.
Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

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