Joan Crawford chart

Joan Crawford
Born: Lucille Fay Le Sueur
Mar.23, 1906, 10 PM CST
San Antonio, Texas, USA
98W30 29N25

Sun in Aries 236'
Moon in Pisces 2313'
Mercury in Aries 1901'
Venus in Aries 1156'
Mars in Taurus 450'
Jupiter in Gemini 212'
Saturn in Pisces 841'
Uranus in Capricorn 819'
Neptune in Cancer 737'
Pluto in Gemini 2046'
Eris in Pisces 2425'

Ascendant in Scorpio 1509'
MidHeaven in Leo 1948'
Classic actress best known for her work
in Mildred Pierce(1945), and opposite Bette
Davis in Whatever Happened To Mary Jane
(1962) Also portrayed by Faye Dunaway in
Mommie Dearest(1978). Died of cancer on
May 10, 1977. Friends suspect suicide.
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Joan Crawford her intense and forbidding demeanor. Midheaven in Leo is her proud or haughty nature and her star status. Sun in Aries is Crawford's indomitable energy and zest for living. With Mercury, it is also her simplicity, directness, impatience and temper. Venus also in Aries is her impetuous love nature and her potential cruelty or aggressiveness when angered. Moon in Pisces is highly sensitive and emotional and is drawn to creative or artistic fields such as art, music, dance, and film-making. Mars in Taurus is sensual, stubborn, practical, resourceful, materialistic, and possessive, with a keen ability for business and the arts. Jupiter in Gemini reveals a lighter and more amusing side to Crawford -one that has a thirst for learning, teaching, and communmicating in general. They are humorous, versatile, and youthful at heart. Saturn in Pisces can be very serious or private and requires periodical rest or seclusion. They are sensitive and artisti types who try to bridge imagination and reality, often through music, film, and the creative arts in general. Uranus in Capricorn can be unusually serious, severe, or controlling, and often displays a genius for buisness, management, or organization. Neptune in Cancer gives Crawford and her generation a sensitive and emotional psyche strongly absorbed by home and family life. Pluto in Gemini people are acutely clever and versatile and part of a generation obsessed with rare learning, education, communication, the underground media, and exclusive or priate forms of transport.

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