Jimmy Carter chart

Jimmy Carter
James Earl Carter
Oct.1, 1924, 7:00 AM CST
Plains, Georgia, USA
84W24 32N02

Sun in Libra 804'
Moon in Scorpio 1348'
Mercury in Virgo 2111'
Venus in Leo 2320'
Mars in Aquarius 2553'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 1428'
Saturn in Scorpio 155'
Uranus in Pisces 1847'R
Neptune in Leo 2147'
Pluto in Cancer 1332'
Eris in Pisces 2955'R

Ascendant in Libra 2606'
Midheaven in Cancer 2828'
39th President of the
United States(1977-81)
Sun and Ascendant in Libra make Jimmy Carter an attractive, popular, and pleasing individual. This man believes in sharing, co-operation. and compromise, making an excellent mediator(the Camp David accords) and host. He utterly hates violence, fighting, or inharmony of any kind. His weakness is that he may be too appeasing or or indecisive from not wanting to upset anybody. He is a strong upholder of justice and equal rights. He also loves beauty, art, music and socializing in general. Moon in Scorpio gives him the necessary depth and clout required of any high office dignitary. This Moon is passionate and perceptive and helps him make difficult or sensitive decisions. Mercury in Virgo gives a highly observant and analytical mind, a quiet but firm speaking manner, and a humble and serving attitude. Venus in Leo makes Jimmy very playful and creative and liking to be entertained. He also likes sports and parties and vivacious women. Mars in Aquarius fights for friends and causes and takes an active role in politics or other venues where humanitarian policies can be instituted. This Mars position also makes him highly original, inventive, independent, and unpredictable. Jupiter in Sagittarius has impressive vision and scope and an undying faith in Providence. These people are very lucky and influential in almost anything they undertake. Saturn in Scorpio gives Carter the necessary depth and discipine to resolve the most diffcult problems in life. These people are natural researchers or investigators and often belong to some exclusive occult group or society. Uranus in Pisces is the saviour syndrome; these people are very sensitive and aware of the suffering or negativity around them and will often make sacrifices to alleviate it. They are very intuitive and psychic and often resort to stimulants to lower their supersensitivity. Neptune in Leo is the Hollywood psyche wedded to fame, glamour, love, and creativity. Pluto in Cancer is the generation that has instilled in us a deep loyalty to home and family life.

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