Hilton Hotema chart

Hilton Hotema
Born: George R. Clement
Feb.7, 1878, time unknown
Fitchburg, Massachsetts
USA 71W48 42N35

Noon Positions LMT
Sun in Aquarius 1850'
Moon in Aries 1651'
Mercury in Capricorn 2345'
Venus in Pisces 927'R
Mars in Taurus 455'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2247'
Saturn in Pisces 1857'
Uranus in Leo 2748'R
Neptune in Taurus 1343'R
Pluto in Taurus 2344'
Eris in Pisces 1357'

Fruitarian/breatharian and author of many books
including Man's Higher Conciousness(1962),
Awakening the World Within(1963), The Great
Law(1963), The Secret of Regeneration(1963), and
The Magic Temple(1968). Died at the age of 92

Health and longetivity expert Hilton Hotema displays the uniqueness and pioneering characteristics of his Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries placements. The Sun here is brilliant and unconventional and makes the expression of truth and freedom the the central priorities of the life. The ruler Uranus is in Leo and in mutual reception so that these truths are used to elevate the dignity or divinity in man. Moon in Aries seeks challenge, activity, and newness, and is often reputed to be aggressive or impatient. Mercury in Capricorn thinks logically and realistically and relies on organization and hard work. They have an interest in business, economy, time, and aging. Mercury conjuncted by Jupiter expands the mind and knowledge and usually gives good advice. Venus in Pisces is sensitive, impressionable, emotional, compassionate, and romantic. They are very much into music, art, film, photography, and the occult arts. Mars in Taurus is very practical and resourceful and good at buying, selling, owning or building(he built his own house at the age of 78!). They are also sensual, stubborn, possessive, and bullyish. Mars conjuncted by Neptune is active in film, art, music, and mysticism, and is subject to deception and energy drain. Jupiter in Capricorn is big on time, economy, frugality, and fasting. They study buisness, politics, economics, and gerontology or the study of aging. Saturn in Pisces is serious and sensitive and an excellent student of artistic or paranornmal subjects. They are keenly feeling and perceptive and try to bridge imagination and inspiration with reality. Uranus in Leo is proud, showy, brilliant, and believes in free love and the divinity of man. Neptune in Taurus has a sensitive and intuitive understanding of money and material matters. They also make fine artists, musicians, and agrarians or green thumbs. Pluto in Taurus becomes obsessed with matter and material things and seeks physical or bodily regeneration.

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