Garry Shandling chart
Garry Shandling
Garry Shandling
Nov.29, 1949, time unknown
Chicago, Illinois, USA
74W00 40N43

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Sagittarius 712'
Moon in Aries 249'
Mercury in Sagittarius 1134'
Venus in Capricorn 2405'
Mars in Virgo 1803'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2948'
Saturn in Virgo 1836'
Uranus in Cancer 401'R
Neptune in Libra 1640'
Pluto in Leo 1811'
Eris in Aries 623'R

American comedian and actor best
known for shows like The Garry
Shandling Show(1986-90), and The
Larry Sanders Show(1992-98)

Funny and charming Garry Shandling epiomizes the happy-go-lucky nature of his Sagittarius Sun sign. These people see life as an eternal adventure of learning and exploration without limitations or boundaries. Personal freedom and moral integrity are everything to this Sun sign and they function best when they are not restrained or dictated to. Many succeed as teachers, travelers, sports people, entertainers, and media people. Unless born in the early morning hours, the Moon is in Aries, giving much energy, enthusiasm, and forcefulness. If in Pisces, the nature is more sensitive, charming, and laid-back. Mercury in Sagittarius is open, honest, and enthusiastic, with an interest in travel, adventure, exploration, and religious or spiritual issues. Venus in Capricorn gives some amount of business or practical ability and a desire for serious or commited relationships. Venus conjuncted by Jupiter receives many gifts and honors and does well socially and financially. Mars in Virgo excels in any work requiring routine, physical stamina, and attention to order or detail. They are perfectionists and can be stingingly critical or analytical. Mars cojuncted by Saturn knows when to push ahead or hold back. Jupiter in Capricorn is big on order, discipline, timing, and economy. They can achieve prominence as managers, buisnessmen or politicians. Saturn in Virgo learns hard lessons of work, order, duty, service, and health or hygiene. They make reliable and efficient workers and quality product and services people. Uranus in Cancer brings new and often controversial ideas to the home and family front. They are ingenious as cooks, providers, housing agents, parents, and security people. Neptune in Libra people become involved in complex and often deceptive relationships, have a sensitive eye for beauty, art, and form, and seek universal peace and harmony. Pluto in Leo goes to extremes in love and play and often makes it big in the entertainment buisness.

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