Fernanda Castillo chart

Fernanda Castillo

Maria Fernanda Castillo Garcia
Mar.24, 1982, time unknown
Mexico City, Mexico
99W09 19N24

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Aries 346'
Moon in Pisces 2503'
Mercury in Pisces 1720'
Venus in Aquarius 1736'
Mars in Libra 1254'R
Jupiter in Scorpio 905'R
Saturn in Libra 2005'R
Uranus in Sagittarius 432'R
Neptune in Sagittarius 2702'R
Pluto in Libra 2609'R
Eris in Aries 1451'

Mexican actress starring in various
telenovelas such as Clap(2003), La Fea
Mas Bella
(2006), Destilando Amor(2007),
and Deficit(2007)

LR vote: Aquarius rising
Cute and breezy Fernanda Castillo is a fiery Aries Sun with a close trine to Uranus making her wild and energetic. Venus and perhaps the Ascendant in Aquarius combine to make this a very dynamic, original, unconventional, and independant lady. Moon and Mercury in Pisces shows a sensitive and compassionate side with an interest or ability in film, music, and art. Mars in Libra makes her chic, attractive, socially active, and a fighter for fairness and justice. Jupiter in Scorpio attracts danger and intrigue and explores sex and the paranormal. Saturn in Libra overcomes difficult relationships and masters the art of persuasion and diplomacy. They also make fine artists, designers, sculptors, and musicians. Saturn conjuncted by Pluto knows how to handle power and authority. Uranus in Sagittarius is wild, adventurous, and freedom-loving, and challenges current philosophical or spiritual ideas. Neptune in Sagittarius is a generation of wanderers and travelers in search of religious or mystical meaning. Pluto in Libra plumbs the depths of relationships and comes out transformed.

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