Ella Raines chart

Ella Raines
Aug.6, 1920, time unknown
Snoqualmie Falls, Washington
USA 121W49 47N32

Noon Positions PDT
Sun in Leo 1358'
Moon in Taurus 432'
Mercury in Cancer 2915'
Venus in Leo 2321'
Mars in Scorpio 1248'
Jupiter in Leo 2533'
Saturn in Virgo 1104'
Uranus in Pisces 429'R
Neptune in Leo 1123'
Pluto in Cancer 812'
Eris in Pisces 2918'R

American actress starring in such
films as Phantom Lady(1943),
and Hail the Conquering Hero
(1944). Died May 30, 1988

LR vote: Sagittarius rising
Sun in Leo with Neptune gives Ella Raines a very warm, generous and creative spirit, with a strong need for glamour and recognition. Moon in Taurus adds robustness and gives singing and acting talent. Mercury in Cancer thinks about home and family and food and knows how to cook and provide for others. Venus in Leo with Jupiter makes for a very classy lady who wants only the best in everything. She is proud, dramatic, playful and affectionate. Mars in Scorpio is subverted or repressed energy(like a volcano) which finds its ideal expression or release in passionate encounters and dangerous situations. Jupiter in Leo is theatrical and patriotic and very grandiose. Saturn in Virgo is no stranger to discipline, diet, and hygiene. These people are also very organized and economical. Uranus in Pisces lets loose the intuitive and imaginative faculties and is a very sensitive and otherworldly position. Neptune in Leo is the Hollywood psyche and its addiction to fame and glamour and entertainment. Pluto in Cancer is an intensely emotional and sentimental generation with deep loyalties to home and family.

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