Edward James Olmos chart

Edward James Olmos
Born Edward James Olmos
Feb.24, 1947 1:05 AM PST
Los Angeles, California
USA 118W15 34N03

Sun in Pisces 455'
Moon in Aries 1421'
Mercury in Pisces 2214'
Venus in Capricorn 1957'
Mars in Aquarius 2327'
Jupiter in Scorpio 2703'
Saturn in Leo 314'R
Uranus in Gemini 1745'R
Neptune in Libra 1019'R
Pluto in Leo 1141'R
Eris in Aries 553'

Ascendant in Sagittarius 741'
Midheaven in Virgo 2039'
American actor of Hispanic origin
best known for his role as Lieutenant
Martin Castillo in the TV series
Miami Vice(1984-89). Also starred
in movies such as Blade Runner
(1982), Stand and Deliver(1988), and
Battlestar Galactica(2004)
Sagittarius rising gives Edward James Olmos his handsome and distinguished looks. Midheaven in Virgo stresses the importance of being thorough, accurate, and punctual. Moon in Aries needs to stay busy, active, and challenged. Sun in Pisces takes time to be alone and reflect on the inner life or important spiritual issues. Mercury in Pisces is quiet, shy, sensitive, reclusive, and interested in visual art, music, and mysticism. Venus in Capricorn likes to be serious and organized and is the consumate buisnessman. Mars in Aquarius is inventive, progressive, and rebellious, and fights for truth, freedom, and humanitarian causes. Jupiter in Scorpio attracts danger and intrigue, is privy to big secrets, is sexually magnetic, and does well as a spy or secret investigator. Saturn in Leo knows how to lead and manage and exercise power or authority, but must watch a tendency to be ruthless or domineering. Uranus in Gemini is brilliant, funny, and inventive, and believes in freedom of speech and education. Neptune in Libra desires universal peace and harmony and has a weakness for beauty and beautiful people. They are the poets, artists, musicians, and the flower people of the 1960's and early 70's. Pluto in Leo is a generation obsessed with love and drama and playfulness and creativity, often going to unwise extremes in these areas.

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