Don Rickles chart
Don Rickles
Born: Donald J. Rickles
May. 8, 1926, time unknown
New York, N Y, USA
74W00 40N43

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Taurus 1718'
Moon in Aries 413'
Mercury in Aries 2250'
Venus in Aries 210'
Mars in Pisces 334'
Jupiter in Aquarius 2452'
Saturn in Scorpio 2312'R
Uranus in Pisces 2810'
Neptune in Leo 2200'
Pluto in Cancer 1256'
Eris in Aries 058'

American actor and comedian famous for
his insulting comedy routines on shows like
Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show(1978- ),
and the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts(1973-
84). Starred in films such as Run Silent Run
Deep(1958) Bikini Beach(1964), Enter Laugh-
ing(1967), Kelly's Heroes(1970), Innocent
Blood(1992), and Toy Story I&II(1995/99)

Three personal planets in Aries give Don Rickles his quick, abrupt, and pointed style. The Moon here is impatient and aggressive, Mercury is quick, fiery, loud, direct, and also impatient, and Venus is much the same only with more persistence and heavy-handedness. Jupiter in Aquarius makes Don Rickles funny and unique and Saturn in Scorpio makes him intense and sarcastic. Mars in Pisces observes and mimics and Uranus adds shock and surprise. Neptune in Leo is showmanship and Pluto in Cancer makes it all very personal. Sun in Taurus, watches all of this, like a king on a throne, perfectly in control of all the shenanigans. Despite his quick and almost offensive public repartee, Don is a practical and thoughtful man at heart. Persistence or stick-to-itiveness is his central modus operandi. There is a grand water trine(by sign) giving Don emotional completeness or self-sufficiency as well as a grand fixed cross(by sign and degree) giving material completeness or self-sufficiency. Most of his planets are in the fire and water signs giving him a predominantly feeling nature as opposed to a reasoning one. Mars in Pisces can get quite sensitive or emotional and excels in all visual or artistic fields such as film and music. Jupiter in Aquarius is funny, intelligent, unusual, and a humanitarian with a high regard for freedom and truth. Saturn in Scorpio learns to control the sexual and emotional nature, studies or investigates dark or hidden matters, and deals with issues of danger, death, and regeneration. Uranus in Pisces is a sensitive and otherworldly soul who understands and sympathizes with the sufferings and misfortunes of others. They are extremely psychic or intuitive and often display musical or artistic genius. Neptune in Leo people are proud, creative, dramatic, and make up the bulk of the "Hollywood" generation of entertainers. Pluto in Cancer people have powerful emotions and a strong devotion to home and family life. The Sun nature comes out fairly well indicating an earth or water sign ascendant.

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