David Wolfe chart

David Wolfe
Born: Aug. 6th, 1970 11:43 AM?
New York, NY 74W00 40N43

Sun in Leo 1345'
Moon in Libra 135'
Mercury in Virgo 912'
Venus in Virgo 2806'
Mars in Leo 1226'
Jupiter in Libra 2850'
Saturn in Taurus 2153'
Uranus in Libra 557'R
Neptune in Scorpio 2807'R
Pluto in Virgo 2540'R
Eris in Aries 1244'

Ascendant in Libra 2100'
Midheaven in Cancer 2436'
Raw food pioneer promoting a raw, organic,
plant-based(vegan) diet as the solution to
perfect health and planet-wide eco-sustain-
ability. Author of the ground-breakling book
The Sunfood Diet Success System(1999-)
David is a Sun in Leo native making him a proud, sunny, warm, creative, and playful person. Mars conjunct the Sun gives David loads of confidence and energy and an ability to lead or initiate. If the time is accurate, the Moon is in Libra which blends well with the Sun giving David a pleasant, attractive, and pleasure-loving personality. Jupiter with the Moon gives amiablity and public prominence. Uranus conjunct the Moon makes David unique or unusual in some way. It also gives intuitive genius. Mercury is dignified in Virgo giving excellent powers of analysis or observation. These people are very clean, punctual, precise, and organized and make excellent students or workers. Mercury with Venus is sociable and pleasant. Mercury with Pluto gives great depth, intensity, and focus of mind. Venus is also in Virgo giving a love of order, cleanliness, purity, and perfection. They show their love through service and support. Venus conjuncted by Pluto gives a deeply passionate or intense love/sexual nature as well as many rare or exclusive money or business opportunities. David's Virgo emphasis and earth planets in general are responsible for his deep concern for human and planetary physical health and right living. Mars in Leo is the ardent lover, confident performer, and fealess leader. They are proud, passionate, fiery types who will fight for their pride, dignity, and creative self-expression. Jupiter in Libra is the eminent host, mediator, or go-between. This is also the prominent artist, judge, designer, or fashion person. They do well as mates, partners, ambassadors, entertainers, and beauty experts. Jupiter with Uranus is extraordinarily lucky and has a very unique philosophy of life. Saturn in Taurus gives David an earthy and practical side dedicated to business, growth, productivity, enjoyment, and pleasure. They are firm and resourceful as well as sensual and artistic. Uranus in Libra is bright, sociable, attractive, and needs space or freedom in one's relationships. Neptune in Scorpio is secretive, emotional, investigative, and drawn to the deep or dark mysteries of life. Pluto in Virgo is deeply critical and analytical and goes all out when it comes to work, health, service, or the environment. This author does not see David as a Libra rising. It is more likely he has Scorpio or Capricorn as his Ascendant or one or both of those signs prominent on the angles. Numerically, David Wolfe vibrates to three different master numbers. His name(11) plus his date of birth(22) add up to 33 which signbifies the master harmonizer, and the root or base of this(6) is closely associated with food, nutrition, emotions, and the environment. He is definitely living a high-powered destiny.

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